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Manage Notifications For Each iPhone App From Home Screen With Badger

Some Cydia tweaks end up being bit disappointing after a lot of hype has been created around them, but Velox did not prove to be such a flop. People were talking about it well before its release and now that it has been available in the jailbreak store for a few weeks, the large number of available Velox add-ons are a testament to its growing popularity. While most people have been focusing on its ability to display interactive widgets on the iPhone SpringBoard, there is something else the tweak can do: letting you view and dismiss notifications for any app simply by performing a few gestures on the app’s icon. If you like this feature but don’t want all the extra (albeit awesome) baggage that comes with Velox, Badger might be worth a shot. This tweak is a notification manager that offers a ton of customization options, and can work with any app that has pending notifications. It’s like having a separate Notification Center for each app.

Badger iOS Settings Badger iOS Notifs

Unlike Velox, which has a predefined gesture associated with app icons, users can configure the Badger gestures themselves. The tweak adds an entry of its own to the stock Settings app, and everything about it has to be set up from there. Once Badger has been enabled, users can choose the gesture they want to use in order to invoke the tweak’s menu. The available options include double-tapping icons, swiping upwards, swiping downwards, and tapping the app’s badge. Badger only displays its notification box for apps that have pending alerts, so performing the selected gesture on other apps’ icons won’t render any results.

If there are some apps that you don’t want Badger to handle, simply toggle their entry on in the ‘Disable for Apps’ section of the tweak’s menu. To take the customization even further, the Badger menu even lets you change the animation that takes place whenever the tweak’s notification box shows up or goes away.

Badger works pretty well with folders, and pending notifications for all apps inside a folder are displayed in a scrollable list by the tweak. You can dismiss each notification individually by swiping across the entry and hitting the delete button. For texts and some other notifications, there is also the option to compose and send a reply right from the SpringBoard.

Badger fetches for $0.99 and is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. Of course, if you are looking for a tweak that can perform a lot of eye-catching tasks, Velox is loads better, but if better notification management is your only requirement, you can’t go wrong with Badger.

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