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Manually Adjust White Balance, Shutter Speed, ISO, & More With Reuk [Paid]

Just a few days ago we showed you how you could adjust the focus and exposure in the Camera app in iOS 8. We talked about how before iOS 8 allowed users to adjust the exposure separately, people relied on third-party apps to do it. It wasn’t so much a hardware limitation as it was a software one. With iOS 8, Apple gave developers more control over the camera; specifically it allowed developers to control exposure, white balance and focus. Reuk is an iOS app worth $0.99 in the App Store that takes advantage of this. It gives you full control over the ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, and white balance. You can also manually set the focus point, and a built-in level adjuster shows you if you’re holding the camera at the correct level or not. The app comes with a great flash feature, and timer.

Launch Reuk and grant it access to the camera. If you know what these settings are for, using Reuk is going to be even simpler. At the bottom of the view finder are the five settings the app lets you control; flash, shutter speed (s), ISO, White balance (WB), and Focus. On the shutter button bar is a cog wheel button that gives you access to the app’s settings.

Reuk’s settings let you hide the grid, disable the level check, disable location tagging on your photos, and disable the flash going off for each second on the timer being counted down.

Reuk Reuk_settings

Let’s start with the White Balance control setting which is something I fell in love with right away for the way it’s been designed and integrated. Tap the WB button to bring up the controls and swipe up, down, left, and right to adjust the white balance. A white circle appears at the center as a reference point. The view finder is divided into quadrants and swiping towards each quadrant will emphasize a particular color tone. The color that each quadrant corresponds to is show in the two bars that run above the shutter button bar. Another translucent button appears to show which point on the grid you’ve adjusted the WB to.


The shutter speed can be set as low as 1/2.0 and as high as 1/1000. Light sensitivity, ISO, can be set as high as 1856 and as low as 29. These highs and lows are device specific and the figures we’ve stated here are for the iPhone 6. For iOS users using an older/different, they will be different.


The flash button at the top left (phone held in portrait orientation) lets you turn the flash on and also has a mode that keeps it on while you adjust the ISO, shutter speed, and WB. The great thing about Reuk is that is’s incredibly simple to use and $0.99 is a pretty good price to pay for anyone wanting more control over the camera app. Your device must be running iOS 8 or higher to use this app.

Install Reuk From The App Store ($0.99)

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