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Mappr Puts A Full Interactive Map In iPhone Spotlight Search Area

SearchAmplius has not been available in the jailbreak store for too long but despite that, it has managed to garner a considerable fan-following. While almost all aspects of the tweak are useful in some form, a lot of users find its ability to integrate results from the ‘Maps’ app something that really enriches the experience of using Spotlight. There are plenty of navigation-related apps available in the App Store, but being able to look for locations without launching an app is sure to be preferred by a lot of users. Having said that, the Maps results in SearchAmplius just give you a very basic idea of the location you are looking for, and most of the time, user end up launching the app anyway. The Mappr Cydia tweak, on the other hand, has a much better solution: it tweak places a full zoomable map in the Spotlight search area, which can be used to quickly pinpoint your current location or view other places on the map.

Mappr iOS Settings Mappr iOS Type Mappr iOS

In the past, we have seen many tweaks that enhance the iOS Maps app in one way or another, but Mappr is totally different, as it doesn’t deal with any app whatsoever. With Mappr, you will lose the Spotlight search area’s default functionality, but if you are not a regular user of the feature, maybe that’s not too bad. The map displayed by Mappr is full-screen, and a part of it even shows up behind the icons stashed away in the dock. If your GPS is active, the Mappr map is always on your current location, but if you want to view details of another place, simply swipe your way to it and then zoom into the map using the pinch gesture.

Mappr is a fairly simple tweak, but it still comes with a menu of its own in the stock Settings app. Since the tweak disables Spotlight search, it is useful to have this menu as it has a simple toggle for enabling/disabling Mappr. Another purpose served by the Mappr menu is to let users choose the map type they want to place in the Spotlight. The available types include standard, satellite and hybrid views. Whenever a change is made to any of the tweak’s settings, a respring is required.

Mappr costs $1.99 and can be found in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. If you don’t use Spotlight search and hate to wait for apps to load, this tweak is perfect for you.

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