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MessageBox Lets Chat Heads Float Around Outside Facebook For iOS

People can’t seem to stop talking about the new Facebook update for iOS, despite the fact that it has been around for a couple of weeks now. The newly introduced stickers are pretty nice, but there can be no doubting the fact that the real show-stoppers are Chat Heads. The Cydia store has already received a few tweaks aimed at the Facebook app’s new features, but ever since it was announced that there will soon be a tweak to let you use Chat Heads outside of the Facebook app, many have been waiting just for that. After all, Android already has the same capability thanks to Facebook Home, and iOS users want a piece of that as well. According to the word that was out there, the Chat Heads-liberating Cydia tweak, MessageBox, was supposed to be released last week, but got delayed for some reason. A few hours ago, the developer made the DEB file of the tweak available for the public, and now the tweak has finally been released in the Cydia store!

MessageBox iOS Settings MessageBox iOS SpringBoard MessageBox iOS

MessageBox adds a menu of its own to the Settings app, but you can use it without any manual configuration as the menu just has a single option dealing with ‘Refresh Interval’. This is the time period after which your Chat Heads get new messages automatically. Of course, if a Chat Head is opened, you are sure to receive an incoming message right away, but the background refreshing of the session depends upon the interval you choose. Beware though – going for a short interval might have adverse effects on your device’s battery life.

To see MessageBox in action, launch the Facebook app, initiate a chat session using Chat Heads and then hit the Home button. After a momentary pause, the Chat Heads should appear on your SpringBoard. No matter what app you launch after that, the floating chat windows will follow you. To make them go away, simply drag the undesired Chat Head to the bottom of the screen (the same as closing a chat head when chatting within the Facebook app). When you receive a new message, the Chat Head should should show up on the SpringBoard or within any app you might be using.

Previously, the DEB file for MessageBox had to be installed manually using iFile, but the tweak has just arrived in the BigBoss repo as a free download. So, head to the Cydia store, and put those Chat Heads right where they belong: everywhere!

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