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Mingle: Action Based App Connects You With Your Contacts Faster [Paid]

I’ve never considered the Contacts app on the iPhone to be subpar. It’s great at storing contact information and the search works well  too. I’m disappointed with the lack of grouping options but that’s the only complaint I have. Meet Mingle a gesture based app that lets you chat, tweet, message, and email a contact using any app installed on your phone with just a few swipes on your screen. It’s worth $0.99 in the App Store but is well worth that price. Not only can you perform these four actions through different apps on your phone, you can add custom actions of your own. The app is 50% off at the moment but the price will go up soon.

Launch the app and give it access to your contacts. Scroll through the list or search for the contact you want to interact with. Swipe left-to-right and as you swipe you will see each of the four actions appear in the form of a button. With an action button visible, release the contact and the app will execute the action. For example, if you swipe and release when the email action button appears, the app will open your default email client with the recipient’s email already added to it.

To customize which app Mingle should use to execute an action, swipe from right-to-left. Tap an action that you want to change the default app for. In-App means that Mingle will be using the default app on your iPhone. Tap the action and select a different app. You might have to enter additional information, for example, if you choose Skype as the chat application, you will have to enter the contact’s Skype ID.

contacts action


All actions have the same sub-actions that they can be assigned to perform such as making a call, making a Facetime call, opening a contact’s YouTube page and more.

If these actions aren’t enough for you, go ahead and add your own action. Tap an action type and then tap Custom Action. Enter a name for it, select which app to use to execute this action, enter a URL command that the app should execute (slightly complicated). Scroll down and tap Supported Tags to see what type of information the app supports and can send for a particular contact.

custom action supported tags


The app is simple yet powerful; it’s a great way to connect apps installed on your phone with your contacts. Mingle isn’t meant to reform or organize your address book. What it does is that it makes contacts more functional allowing you to interact with them instead of just retrieving information.

Download Mingle From The App Store 

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