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Mix Music, Video Clips & Photos Like A DJ With Sympler For iPhone

Video mixing apps are usually too complicated for most users to fully understand, a fine example of which is the previously covered vjay for iPhone and iPad. At the other end of the spectrum, if a video creator is too simple, it lacks the options needed to make it useful for serious editing. Apps like VidRhythm are good for having fun but if you want to create a mashup of videos you have, there are plenty of limitations on it. Sympler is a new app that seems to have struck the perfect balance between the two extremes. With Sympler, you can create short music videos by mashing together videos, audio clips and photos. The best bit about the app is that it doesn’t ask its users to do too much, but the end results are still pretty good.

Sympler iOS Menu Sympler iOS Audio

Sympler does not require users to create a new account in order to get started. There is a tutorial in the beginning but to really learn what the app can do, dive straight into the example video and get to work. The concept behind Sympler is fairly easy to understand. First of all, you have to select a soundtrack to serve as your video’s background music. This track has to be picked from the Music app, and can be any song you own. Sympler is only capable of creating videos that are up to 20 seconds in duration, so adjust the clip accordingly. The only option users get regarding audio is the choice of a starting point.

Once the audio part of the mix has been set up, it is time to configure the visual clips that are to make up your video. Sympler comes with a bunch of video clips of its own, but you can also choose one from the camera roll any time you want. Each Sympler video can have snippets from up to six clips or images. Just tap each part of the grid, and select a media file to be added there.

Sympler iOS Clips Sympler iOS Share

To start recording your mix, hit any frame you want. This frame will appear as the starting point of your video, and triggers the music as well. During the next 20 seconds, users are free to cycle between as many video clips and photos as they want, preferably keeping in tune with the background music. If you are satisfied with the results, the clip can be saved to the camera roll. Otherwise, you can start over as many times as you want. The sharing options offered by Sympler include Twitter, Facebook and email.

Sympler is a free, iPhone-optimized app. It will be great if the developer increases the recording time but other than that, there isn’t much to find wanting in the app. Give Sympler a go by heading to following link.

Install Sympler from App Store

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