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Moju Lets You Create & Share Gif-like Animated Photos [iOS]

Vine was the app that made really short videos popular and Instagram soon launched a similar feature to compete with it. Between apps like Vine and Instagram and regular camera apps, video making is pretty much covered on the short and extended length spectrum. Moju is an iOS app available for free in the App Store that has a slightly Intagram like look and it marries the concept of still photos and videos. It allows you to capture a photo in bursts or intervals and then combines them into a single photo. When played on your device, the Moju app responds to how you tilt your phone making it seem as if by tilting your phone, you are actually looking around corners. Creating such a photo using the app is dead simple and somewhat inspired by how the Vine app works.

Launch the app and sign up to start using it. The app captures multiple photos in bursts. Tap the screen to capture one photo and then tilt the camera and tap again to capture a slightly different angle. Tap and hold to capture in continuous bursts. Moju has a ghost recording mode, and you can use the front camera to record as well. To undo the last image you captured, tap the undo button at the right of the progress bar. To start fresh, tap the spanner button and tap Restart.

recording  record modes


The app lets you add filters to your final image, definitely an Instagram-like feature, though it doesn’t stack up well against it and the filters seem to overwhelm the photo or make it dull. Once you’ve selected a filter, you enter a caption for the image, select the social media accounts you want to share it to, and tap post. The photo will then be uploaded and this can take as long as a minute to complete. In comparison, Vines definitely upload faster.

filters share


That’s about it. Open your home feed to view upload progress and other photos shared by users. You will be amazed by the photos people have created and tilting you phone to view them makes for a fun experience. The app’s setting don’t offer much other than options for connecting your social media account. Facebook and Twitter are the only ones supported at present. You can email a photo, or copy the direct link to it, to your clipboard.

home feed settings

Since you get your own Moju profile, you can like and leave comments on the photos other people share. All photos you upload are public unless you choose to make them private when uploading them.

Download Moju from the App Store

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