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NCPad Stretches iPad Banner Notifications To The Entire Width Of The Screen [Cydia]

Just a few days ago, we covered a tweak named Small Banners (review) that trimmed down the iOS notification banners to make everything look more compact. On an iPad, however, you might not need that functionality, owing to its bigger screen size. In fact, the situation gets completely reversed when it comes to an iPad. You might want bigger notifications on your iOS tablet, as the stock banner layout leaves room on either side of your screen, which might appear a bit crude to some users. NCPad rectifies this situation by changing the length of notification banners on your iPad to match the width of the screen (both in landscape and portrait modes). The height of the banners remains unchanged, but they are just enhanced in length. So, looking to optimize banner notification on iPad? Head past the break.


After you have installed NCPad on your jailbroken iPad, your notifications will be lengthened in size automatically, as there are no configuration options available for the tweak. NCPad doesn’t just increase the size of notification banners to add some empty space on both sides; the notifications will actually contain more data than they previously did. Everything about the tweak is optimized for the iPad, and you will feel like you are viewing stock notifications on your iPad, just better.

NCPad is available as a free download, and you can grab it for your jailbroken iPad by heading to the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store. The tweak is highly recommended, as it adds a really useful new feature to your iPad without taking away any of the existing functionalities.

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