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NOTE’d Is An Impressive iPhone Notes App With Themes & Dropbox Backup

A good notes app should be cosmetically well-designed, with users having the confidence that all their work is constantly being backed up somewhere. Other features, like support for image attachments and audio recordings are bonuses that you will rarely find in one place. NOTE’d for iPhone fulfills all these criteria, offering a perfect combination of useful features and a beautiful interface. You can divide your notes into several notebooks, each with a different theme, attach photos, audio recordings and maps to notes. You can put your important notes under password protection, and everything can be backed up (and restored) to Dropbox with a single tap.

NOTE'd iOS Notes NOTE'd iOS Photos NOTE'd iOS Recording

Each note in NOTE’d belongs to a notebook. New notebooks can be created by hitting the big ‘+’ icon in the top-right corner of the screen. The first step is to choose a theme for the book. There are 15 themes available for now, and all of them will affect the individual notes as well as the main cover. You can then tap the book’s title text to change it. Once inside the notebook, hit the ‘+’ again to make a note. There are no additional text editing options for now. However, you can add photos, locations or audio recordings. Hit the camera icon at the bottom of the note and choose Take Photo or Photo Albums. To attach the map of your current location, or any other place, tap the third icon from left. Audio recording is initiated as soon as you tap the mic icon. The notes in each notebook can be shared over email, saved to your phone locally as photos or posted on Twitter. SMS sharing will only let you send the text, while sending someone a NOTE’d entry via email includes all the attachments.

NOTE'd iOS Books NOTE'd iOS Settings

To set up Dropbox syncing, go to the app’s Settings area. You just have to sign in to your Dropbox account and the backup feature will start working. The same menu holds options for password protection. Notebooks on your shelf can be rearranged by simple drag and drop, while viewing all notes in the form of a list is possible by hitting the icon in the top-left corner of the main screen.

NOTE’d has gone free for a limited time. The app looks pretty good on iPhone and iPod touch devices, but is not optimized for the iPad. Grab it from the following link, and you are not likely to use the stock Notes app ever again.

Download NOTE’d For iOS

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