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Official Imgur App For iPhone & iPad Now Available For Download

Imgur is among the most popular image hosting services on the internet. The self-proclaimed front page of the internet, Reddit, can’t be complete without Imgur and its dedicated curators. Imgur has been around on the web for a very long time (along with a vast variety of third-party web apps) but due to recent shifts in trends, the service recently started arriving on smartphones as well. Just a couple of months back, we saw Imgur for Android become available across all regions, and now the official app has been released on the iTunes App Store. If you are an active Imgur user, the app should be enough to cater to most of your needs. It supports uploading, and account management, and of course, lets you browse Imgur using its filters. Imgur for iOS also has sharing capabilities for photos and animations, making it possible to post media over your social network. You can also leave your comments on media shared by others.

Imgur iOS Menu Imgur iOS Filters Imgur iOS Gallery

The Imgur app can be used without signing in, but if you do have an account on the service, head to the menu and log in. Fresh users can also create a new account by using the ‘Register’ option. From the same menu, it is possible to navigate between the Imgur gallery, random mode or past images that you have posted or liked. Within each mode, there are filters that let you sort media based on popularity or the time they were posted to Imgur. The app displays photos in the form of a grid, which goes on endlessly as you scroll.

Imgur iOS Upload Imgur iOS Comments Imgur iOS Photo Options

To upload media to your Imgur account, hit the cloud icon located in the top-right corner of the screen. Photos can be uploaded from the local library of your device, snapped using the iPhone’s own camera, or if you have a web URL for a media file, uploaded directly using that URL.

While viewing photos shared by other Imgur users, it is possible to upvote/downvote the image, add it to your favorites, leave a comment on it, or share it across other services. Thanks to the options menu, it is also possible to save the image to your camera roll, or copy its link to the clipboard for sharing on services that aren’t supported by default.

Imgur is a universal app, and can be downloaded for free by heading to the link provided below.

Install Imgur from App Store

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