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Official Wimbledon App For iPhone & Android Provides Live Scores, Radio Broadcasts & Venue Help

Tennis is among the truly universal sports on the planet. Soccer doesn’t have many fans in the US, while basketball & baseball aren’t admired too much in Asia, but when it comes to tennis, almost every region has produced some remarkable players. The Wimbledon championship is, rather accurately, known as the World Cup of tennis. It is the most prestigious and oldest tennis tournament in the world, and although the US Open offers more prize money as compared to The Championships, Wimbledon remains the favorite tennis event for most fans and players. In a couple of days, the players are going to be back on the grass courts of Wimbledon, battling it out for prize and glory. As hundreds of player compete in several categories each year, the official Wimbledon app for iPhone and Android is a must-have for all tennis fans who don’t want to miss even a moment of action. The app will keep you informed of all the latest news, results and player updates. The app also comes with the Wimbledon radio that will broadcast live commentary on all the important fixtures.

Wimbledon iOS News Wimbledon iOS Live Score Wimbledon iOS Schedule

Wimbledon app requires no configuration or setup steps, and you can start browsing through the listed content right after you launch it for the first time. The first section that gets displayed is the News menu. The stories are in chronological order, and each article is accompanied by a thumbnail image related to the post. You can open a story simply by tapping the preview text visible on the main news page. The most useful menu of the app is Live Scores, and you will be able to see the detailed results of both ongoing and completed fixtures there. The interface, in which the app displays the scores, is reminiscent of the actual scoreboards in the Wimbledon courts, and exhibits the app’s fine attention to detail. If you are looking to view match outcomes for a particular day, you can use the Select Day button in the top bar.

Wimbledon iOS Map Wimbledon iOS Radio Wimbledon iOS Videos

The tournament draw for this year is going to be announced pretty soon, and the app’s Draws section will let you see which player is pitted against whom. The same thing can be viewed in a tabular form by heading to the Schedule menu. If you are lucky enough to actually be at the tournament, the app will guide you through the Wimbledon village pretty thoroughly. In the More section, you can get directions to all the courts, restrooms, parking lots and eating places. The same section will also lead you to Wimbledon Radio, where some of the fixtures (and other tournament-related events) will be broadcasted for all users. Once the tournament starts on 25th June, users will be able to purchase video highlights of matches from within the app as well. For now, it is possible to enjoy the extensive Video Archive for free (a similar option exists for photos).

Wimbledon iOS Players Wimbledon iOS Player Profile

To let you know the participating players better, the More menu has a dedicated Players tab where users can look for all the participants of Wimbledon 2012. You can search for a particular player by just entering their name, or you can sort all the players based on their seed or gender. The app has a detailed profile for all players where you will be able to know all the important stats about them.

So, if you want to keep an eye on Maria Sharapova’s progress in the Wimbledon this year, or just can’t wait to see how Novak Djokovic will perform on grass court, this app is exactly what you need on your Android or iPhone.

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