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Official WWE App For iPhone, iPad & Android Now Available

Names like John Cena, Big Show and The Rock are familiar to millions across the world. All these wrestling stars have been made insanely popular by WWE, and the wrestling matches fought under the entertainment corporation’s banner are followed fanatically in many countries. As the franchise has grown with time, it has become almost impossible to keep track of all its events without the help of technology. So, if you are a WWE fan, and own an iOS or Android device, you don’t have to keep searching the internet for information and videos related to wrestling. The official WWE app for iPhone, iPad & Android has just been released, and it features everything related to RAW, SmackDown and your favorite wrestling stars. Not only that, you can also use the app to find upcoming WWE events in your area, and purchase tickets online. There’s also a bunch of interactive material that makes the app a perfect companion for watching all the WWE shows.

WWE iOS Home WWE iOS Menu

There are two ways of browsing through the WWE app. You can access most of the featured items through the app’s homepage, which has separate sections for Breaking News, RAW and SmackDown. By swiping across each tile, you will be able to view the main items listed in each section. While the app’s homepage is good for a cursory view of the whole thing, you will have to go to the main menu in order to find more detailed stuff. The menu can be accessed by hitting the button located in the top left corner of the homepage. Here is everything you will find in the app’s main menu.

WWE iOS News WWE iOS Videos WWE iOS Photos

  • Shows: The Shows section of the app has two subsections; one for RAW and the other for SmackDown. Inside both these sections, you will be able to access news, tweets, photos and videos related to the popular WWE shows. The best part of the Shows section is the interactive material offered during fights. While watching any listed fight, go to the RAW or SmackDown section of WWE, and you will get a second-screen companion for the big Monday night fights.

WWE iOS Profile  WWE iOS Milestones WWE iOS Superstars

  • Superstars: If you want to get photos, videos or other information about a particular WWE star, just tap the Superstars button and perform a search. You can also browse through a list of wrestlers in different categories. There are separate lists for retired stars, divas, champions and young stars, all with profiles of their own. In addition to all the usual information, there is a rather interesting View Milestones section in profiles. Milestones provide an outline of each wrestler’s career, complete with photos and videos.

WWE iOS Events WWE iOS Event Stars WWE iOS Event

  • Events: One of the most useful features of the WWE app is its Events menu. Here, you can look for upcoming events, events near your current location and there is the option to search for fights starring your favorite wrestlers. Inside an event’s menu, it is possible to set up a reminder for the start of the show, or order tickets. The Included Superstars area lists all the participants of a match.

Other than these menus, you can go to Shop and order WWE merchandise. To keep track of your own preferences and activities, there is the My Universe menu. WWE is a universal app, and for free it is a must-have for all the wrestling fans out there.

Download WWE For iOS

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