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Open A Link Or New Chrome Tab From The iPhone Notification Center

Ever since iOS 8 introduced widgets, I’ve been waiting for some of the more popular productivity oriented apps to do something impressive with it. The widgets have been slow in being developed and so far Launcher is the only one that you can call a ‘must have’. Chrome is one of the latest apps to introduce a notification center widget and it’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you try it out. The widget lets you open a new tab, launch voice search, or open a URL copied to your clipboard.

Update Chrome to the latest version and then add the widget to the Notification Center (here’s how you add widgets). The widget features two buttons; a New Tab button and a Voice Search button. Tapping on either one will launch the Chrome app on your iPhone and will open a new tab or voice search. The open URL option only appears if you have a valid URL copied to the clipboard. The widget is great but I’m wondering if it’s just me that can barely make out that black text and those really dark grey buttons.

chrome_widget_1 chrome_widget

The widget has some pretty basic features but browsers being one of the apps we use more often than others, these features will be enough to earn the widget space in the notification center. I’m surprised Apple doesn’t have something like this for Safari. I imagine a Safari widget would be able to do more simply because it’s proprietary.

Install Chrome From The App Store

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