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Open Any URL In Chrome For iPhone & iPad Through iOS Action Menu

Chrome for iPhone and iPad took the Apple fanboys with a storm, and the speed with which it reached the top free app slot on Apple’s mobile platform is a testament to the popularity of Google’s most-popular web browser. Then, it wasn’t just Chrome that made its way into iTunes App Store and then to millions of iPhones, iPod touches and iPads worldwide; a lot of Cydia tweaks and hacks for the mobile browser sprouted in the very week of its release. Just a few days back, we covered Jon Abrams JavaScript-based bookmark for opening any Mobile Safari link in Chrome, and then did a compilation of some of the most useful Cydia tweaks for Chrome on iPhone/iPad, catering to our jailbroken users, and featuring the likes of immensely-useful BrowserChooser and Chromizer. A new contender in town in this regard is Chrome for Action Menu. Courtesy of r_plus, the package essentially adds a ‘send to Chrome’ shortcut to iOS’ action menu, letting you view any link in Google’s browser rather than Apple’s own offering.

Chrome For Action Menu Cydia (1) Chrome For Action Menu Cydia (2)

The tweak itself feels like a packaging of Jon Abrams JavaScript into a Cydia debian. It, however, differs in the fact that it makes use of Ryan Petrich’s Action Menu. In case you are unaware, Action Menu is the pop up that you get when you, say, select a text or double-tap a word, and contains options like Copy, Paste, Select All etc. Action Menu enhances this default set, and adds a few quite useful menus of its own, along with providing a platform for other tweaks like this one.

Chrome for Action Menu is available in the BigBoss repository of Cydia, and can be downloaded for free. In terms of dependencies, since it requires Action Menu to work properly, the tweak will automatically grab the required package if not already available on your system. Upon installation, the tweak does not add any Settings app menu of its own, nor does it sport a Springboard icon. What it will do, however, is add a “Chrome” toggle to Action Menu’s settings in Extensions, and toggling that on will enable the Chrome item in action menu throughout the device.

Chrome For Action Menu Cydia (3) Chrome For Action Menu Cydia (4)

Once the tweak is ON, select any link in Mobile Safari, and the action menu that pops up will have a Chrome option, tapping which will launch the target URL in Chrome instead of navigating to that in iOS Safari. Unlike the JavaScript bookmark hack, this tweak won’t let you send any current URL to Chrome for iPhone with a single tap, but you can utilize it wherever action menu can be invoked, so selecting the link from URL bar should do the trick for that, too.

The tweak is certainly a useful addition to all the Chrome improvements available in Cydia, and the fact that it makes it easy to do something that would otherwise require some manual effort, makes it all the more useful.

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