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Pages+ Sets A Different Wallpaper On Every iOS Home Screen

The Cydia store has a large number of themes on offer, and although they completely revamp your device’s looks, this customization comes at a cost. By using a theme, you are sacrificing some of the neatness that is usually associated with iOS, and most of the times there is nothing too unique offered by the theme. Pages+ is not a theme, but still offers a complete makeover for the SpringBoard of your iDevices. The tweak has two modes: you can use it to apply translucent cards of different colors meant to house all the app icons on your Home screen, and then there’s the wallpaper mode that lets you apply a different wallpaper to each SpringBoard page. Almost everything about the tweak is customizable, which means you get to completely revamp your Home screen the way you want!

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To configure Pages+, head to the stock Settings app after you have installed it. You have to enable the tweak first from its menu before you can choose a mode. The ‘Page’ mode is active by default, which means the icons on the SpringBoard are encapsulated within colored cards. It is possible to change the colors of these cards using the options available in the ‘Page Settings’ section of Pages+. You can choose from among six shades to apply as ‘Tint Color’. Once a color has been selected, the next step is to adjust the card’s visibility using the provided slider. Since only changing a mode requires a respring, you can freely tinker with the available tints to decide on your favorite one, without having to worry about respringing the Springboard.

In ‘Wallpaper’ mode, it is possible to apply ‘Theme Bundles’ to the SpringBoard. It would have been awesome if there was an option of choosing a wallpaper for each screen manually, but for now you have to wait for developers to release Pages+ themes in Cydia. The default theme has plenty of wallpapers, and if you have a lot of icons on your Home screen, we highly recommend giving wallpaper mode a try. The Spotlight search area has a solid background, which can be switched between linen and black.

Pages+ offers a cosmetic feature that should have been conceived a lot earlier, but it’s better late than never. Things would have been perfect had the developer allowed users to create their own theme bundles on their devices. Though for now, we can only hope that the Cydia store gets a healthy collection of Pages+ themes in the near future. The tweak is compatible with both iOS 5 and iOS 6, and you can grab it from the ModMyi repo in Cydia store as a $1.99 download.


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