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PersistentAssistant For iPhone 4S Makes Siri Hands-Free [Cydia]

Siri is nearing the end of its first year in the market, and by now, the novelty has certainly worn off. If you have a jailbroken iPhone 4S, however, there are still plenty of ways to customize Apple’s talking assistant, or to make it more useful. A considerable number of Cydia tweaks are focused on Siri, and PersistentAssistant is the latest in a long line of these Siri-specific offerings. PersistentAssistant brings a feature to Siri that I have always thought should have been there by default. Using this tweak, you won’t have to hit the Siri icon each time you are done saying something to Siri. Siri will automatically sense when you are done talking, and move on to replying to your query. This way, you can have a conversation with her without needing to touch the device at all, and even when you are driving!

PersistentAssistant Cydia Hadsfree Siri

PersistentAssistant does add a new menu in the stock Settings app after you have installed it to your Siri-enabled iDevice, but you don’t have to configure the tweak from there. In fact, that menu just has a single toggle (enabled by default) for on or off. To check out the working of PersistentAssistant, just fire up Siri (that’s the only step where you’ll need to use your hands) and say anything. You will notice that Siri responds to your speech after a slight pause, and you won’t have to hit the bottom bar button again.

PersistentAssistant is a free tweak, and you can grab it from the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store. The tweak is just 24kB in size, and just takes a moment to install. PersistentAssistant makes Siri just the way it is usually depicted in Apple ads; seamless and efficient. Most new users expect Siri to be intelligent enough to know when a user is about to speak, and thanks to this tweak Siri does get this extra bit of intelligence. It might not solve the whole problem if you are driving, as you still have to manually launch Siri, but you can judge the tweak’s usefulness for yourself, as it won’t cost you anything and has no negative impact on Siri’s performance. Even if you don’t find it really useful, you will at least get a Siri that is a little faster than before thanks to the absence of the restriction of having to hit the mic icon again and again.

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  1. i added this and she wont shut up so i had to go in the settings to shut her off. damn woman not in the kitchen cooking.

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