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PHHHOTO: Shoot Moving Pictures With Your iPhone And Save As GIFs

Moving photos are videos last time I checked and if you take audio out of the equation, you have a GIF. Now GIFs are ridiculously popular on the internet as a form of expression and they are what give truer meaning to the phrase, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, especially if you can screen cap some text on to the GIF before you share it. PHHHOTO is a free iOS app that lets you create photo GIFs i.e. moving photos from your device’s camera. It serves this sole purpose though it does have a nice little black and white filter that you can apply to the GIF before it’s saved to your camera roll or shared on Facebook, Twitter, and/or PHHHOTO itself.

When you start using PHHHOTO, you will discover one of the first things about the app that irked me. It asks for your phone number. To this day, I haven’t trusted Facebook with my number so a random photography app asking for it bothers me. There is, unfortunately, no other way to sign up and use PHHHOTO and they do promise not to spam you or misuse your number.

Select your location and then enter your phone number. The app will send you a text message with a PIN that you have to enter before you can proceed to setting up your account. After entering the PIN, you will pick a username and a password for yourself.

PHHHOTO enter code PHHHOTO finish

Once your account has been set up, you can start capturing photos. The app works with both the front and rear camera. You can enable an on-screen grid to help you position the subject better and turn on a 3 second timer. Once the timer expires, you need only point your device at your object (assuming it can move on its own) and watch the dots on the right of the shutter button. Each dot represents an individual photo that is captured. Once the app has captured all the photos it needs to, it will automatically switch to the next screen.

This screen lets you apply a simply black and white filter called ‘Solo’. If you want to keep the original look of the photo, skip this step and tap Next. That’s all you can do to edit the photo. On the next screen, enable the option that saves photos for sharing on Instagram.

PHHHOTO capture PHHHOTO filter

The resulting photo is nice enough and it’s saved in GIF format. The app is rather slow to respond to taps and it takes a bit too long to process the image but you get a good photo in the end so the wait is worth it.

Install PHHHOTO From The App Store

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