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PhotoExif: View EXIF Metadata Of Images In iPhone’s Stock Photos App

If you take your photography pretty seriously, and don’t use your iPhone’s camera just for Instagram, then chances are that the lack of iOS’ ability to let its users view EXIF data of photos has bothered you at one time or another. Apple’s smartphone platform does not even have options to display an image file’s name, and that can cause a lot of trouble if you are trying to keep the stock Photos app organized. PhotoExif is a Cydia tweak that allows its users to view all the backend information associated with pictures on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Unfortunately, the tweak does not have options for editing or removing the EXIF data from photos, but being able to see relevant information about the image can prove to be really helpful in a lot of situations. PhotoExif lets you view the color information of an image, its resolution and even the details of the camera with which the photo was shot.

PhotoExif Cydia PhotoExif Option iOS EXIF

PhotoExif is one of those Cydia tweaks that do not require any configuration or setup steps. You just have to download it, and it quietly gets to work without adding any Springboard icon or new menu in the Settings app. To see PhotoExif in action, just go to the stock Photos app and open any image file stored there. Enter the photo’s options menu by hitting the button located in the bottom left corner of the preview screen. The PhotoExif tweak adds a new entry in this photo options menu, marked Exif Info. Hitting the Exif Info button will let you see the detailed information associated with the image. One of the biggest negatives of PhotoExif is the fact that the tweak does not present the EXIF data in a neat, tabular form, and you have to make sense of all the information from a code-like snippet of text and number.

The data presented by PhotoExif consists of following fields.

  • Color Model
  • DPI Dimensions
  • Pixel Dimensions
  • Depth
  • Orientation
  • Components Configuration
  • Screen Capture Type (lets you see if the image is a screenshot or not)
  • TIFF details
  • Date Taken
  • Camera Info

The tweak offers different data formats for different image types, and if a certain field is blank, PhotoExif will hide it altogether. The tweak can prove to be a useful addition to your iPhone’s Photos app if you are a professional photographer, or would just like to know more about the images on your iDevice. This free tweak can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and is just 16kB in size.

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