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Photoset Is Tumblr’s Standalone iPhone & iPad App For Creating & Sharing Photo Albums

Facebook might have started the trend of rolling out standalone apps for individual features (like Facebook Pages and Facebook Messenger), but it seems the social media giant is no longer the only big name doing that. Photoset for iOS is an official Tumblr release that focuses on the recently introduced photosets feature of the blogging platform. Tumblr already has an iOS client, but Photoset is something completely different. In fact, you don’t even need a Tumblr account in order to use the app. The basic functionality on offer in Photoset is to let users create albums with ease. You can choose any number of photos from your iPhone or iPad’s camera roll, or simply snap a few fresh ones to add to your albums. To keep things uncomplicated, Photoset comes with just one predefined, grid-like album layout, where the grid keeps expanding automatically as you add more photos to it. The albums created via the app can be published directly to Tumblr and Twitter, or you can copy their links and share them anywhere you want.

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Photoset starts off with a short tutorial, outlining the app’s working and features. There isn’t much to really learn; the app is as easy to understand as they come. There is no way of importing multiple photos from the camera roll at once, probably because the developers wanted to make it easier for users to choose where each photo goes in the photoset grid. There is no way of changing a photo’s location in the grid once it has been set, but you can remove it by entering Edit mode and hitting the ‘-‘ button over the image. Tapping the Option button will let you tinker with the metadata of the album, including location, caption and date of creation. Finished albums are published to the cloud, with a photoset link generated for easy sharing. In addition to the link, you have the option to tweet or email photosets from within the app, and if you link your Tumblr account with the app, you can share albums over your Tumblog and the Photoset cloud simultaneously.

The History section in Photoset allows you to edit and delete past albums. Oddly, an album you delete from the app will still remain on the Photoset cloud; something that is sure to be a cause for concern among avid Tumblrs.

Although some might see Photoset as an app that oversimplifies things a bit too much, it is actually very to-the-point and efficient in what it has been designed to do. There are a few bugs and feature omissions to be sure, but we hope they will be addressed by Tumblr in the near future. Photoset is a universal app and is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

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