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Picmatic: Music Player, Photo Viewer & Clock For Docked iPhone & iPad

Most smartphone apps are focused around a particular type of content; we generally use separate apps for music playback, photo viewing, and clocks, but Picmatic brings these features together in a single package in a way that actually makes sense. As you might have already figured, this can come real handy in dock mode. Just the way an iPad can display photos on its lock screen in the form of a slideshow, Picmatic has a customizable and dynamic grid consisting of images imported from your device’s camera roll. To add some spice to the whole show, the app offers many photo filters that you can apply to the images. Picmatic runs in full screen and also adds a nifty clock to the mix for your convenience, all while playing music in the background from your local collection. The app supports gesture-based controls so that the collage displayed on the screen remains free from any clutter that conventional music playback controls would cause.

Picmatic iOS Big Clock Picmatic iOS Settings

Picmatic works only in landscape mode on both iPhone and iPad. It randomly selects eight images from the Photos app, and uses them to fill the grid, swapping each photo in the collage  with a new one after every few seconds. If you are not satisfied with the choice of photos or the layout, head to the app’s settings using the gear icon in the bottom-right corner, where you’ll get to choose the albums to be used as image sources. You can also choose whether to fill the grid randomly, or in an ordered fashion.

Two types of clocks are available in Picmatic. By default, the smaller digital clock is shown in the top-center. If you want to give more importance to time display, head to the settings menu of the app and switch to the clock’s bigger version that is superimposed over the collage in the middle of the screen. It is also possible to turn the clock display completely off.

Picmatic iOS Filters Picmatic iOS Small Clock

When it comes to tweaking the collage, Picmatic offers a few pretty good options. You can choose a different collage layout, and apply filters from plenty of available options. Do note that a filter can be applied to the complete collage, and not to individual photos or frames in the collage. Also, only a few filters are available in the free version, and the rest can be unlocked with an in-app purchase of $1.99.

That’s all for the visual aspects of Picmatic, but we haven’t touched upon the music player yet. To add music to the app’s player, hit the note icon in the bottom bar. Both playlists and individual tracks can be played in Picmatic. By double-tapping the screen, you can start or pause playback. There are a couple of ways to change the volume; you can use a two-fingure rotate gesture for detailed volume control, or swipe vertically to change the volume level by one step at a time. Swiping to the right will take you to the next track in the playing order, while a leftward swipe plays the previous song. It might not be apparent at first, but Picmatic does have a seek bar that you can bring up with a three-fingered downwards swipe.The same bar also has a screenshot button that lets you capture and share the Picmatic collage with your friends via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Picmatic is a universal, iOS 6-exclusive app. The developer has advised users to refrain from upgrading to the app’s pro version for the next few days due to some crashing issues. The free version worked pretty smooth for us, and the filters/layouts available without the in-app purchase were pretty decent as well.

Download Picmatic For iOS

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  1. Now with iOS 7 removing the Picture Frame, this Picmatic app is the next best thing. Maybe its a good thing that they removed the Picture Frame as this led me to this wonderful (and in many ways more powerful) app!

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