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How To Pin Notes In The Notes App In iOS 11

The highlight feature in iOS 11 is drag & drop. Unfortunately, it isn’t working all that well in the current iOS 11 betas. Aside from this one major feature, the other features in iOS 11 are small. In fact, they aren’t so much as features as they are improvements. Apple has been improving a lot of apps in iOS 11 and Notes is one of the apps that has received considerable attention. In iOS 11, you can scan documents in the Notes app and make handwritten notes. The Notes app in iOS has slowly been improving year on year and it’s making up for basic functionality. In iOS 11, you can finally pin notes in the Notes app.

Pin Notes To The Top

Open the Notes app and select a notes folder. Swipe right on a note and release it. The swipe right gesture only has one action associated with it so that’s all it takes to pin notes. As you pin more notes, they’re added below the most recently pinned note. You cannot change the order the pinned notes appear in.

The pinned notes are separated by a thick grey divider which is kind of hard to make out. The pinned notes do not have a pin icon on them. There is a header at the top of the Notes screen that says ‘Pinned’ and all notes below it are your pinned notes. Unfortunately, the divider that separates the pinned notes from the regular ones is barely visble. It’s a UI problem that Apple should fix.

Unpin Notes

To unpin notes, swipe right on a pinned note. When you unpin a note, it returns to the list of other unpinned notes. It is sorted by the date it was last modified. Pinning a note doesn’t count as a modification so the notes will be sorted by the last time you made an edit to them.

This feature is pretty basic but welcome nonetheless. A lot of people use the Notes app to take down random information or to ‘hold’ text from the clipboard. The Notes app does have a search feature and that’s how users find a particular note in a long list of notes. Pinning a note is going to save time that would otherwise be spent looking for a particular note.

A pinned note doesn’t add a layer of security to a note. It can be edited and deleted just as easily as any other note. If you want to prevent notes from being edited, you should lock notes with a password.

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