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Pit Your Karaoke Skills Against Friends With Just Sing It! For iPhone

The popularity might have started to subside now, but games like Letterpress and Draw Something have managed to become the favorite time-killers for many iOS users. The main factor behind the success of such games is their ability to let you compete against real people, including your friends. So, you can easily show off your drawing skills or mental superiority using these games, but what if singing has always been your strongest point? Or maybe you just like karaoke and want to have some fun singing your favorite songs. Previously covered Sing! is a great app for karaoke singing but if you want an incentive to keep singing, you should definitely give Just Sing It! a try. Like Songify and Jam, the app augments your singing with different sound effects. You can share your songs over various social networks, and also challenge your friends (and strangers) to karaoke face-offs.

Just Sing It!iOS Home Just Sing It!iOS Guess

For a more social experience and to easily find your friends who are already on Just Sing It!, you can register for an account using your Facebook ID. To stay relatively anonymous (highly advisable if you sing like Rebecca Black) though, go for the email sign up.

Once logged in, Just Sing It! users can search for friends to initiate a game, or let the app pair them with some random user. The objective of each game is to sing songs to other users, and guess the ones they have sung. You can listen to a karaoke version of the song when it is your turn, and there is no limit on the number of times a song can be played. To help you guess the song title, a few words are provided in the bottom section (just like characters are provided in Draw Something). Once you have guessed your opponent’s song (or passed your turn), it is time to sing one for your opponent to guess.

Just Sing It!iOS Pick Song Just Sing It!iOS Lyrics Just Sing It!iOS Effects

Before anything else, the app asks its users to choose a music genre. Three songs from the chosen category are then displayed, with a chance to earn coins according to their difficulty. To aid users in their karaoke endeavors, Just Sing It! shows the lyrics of the song you are trying to sing. After the singing part is done, you can review your efforts and use some audio effects to make your opponent’s task a bit harder. The available effects can change your voice into that of a hamster, man, woman, or robot.

The coins earned in Just Sing It! can be utilized to skip song choices, or to access more categories and effects. To make sure your efforts aren’t completely lost once you send them to your opponent, the app offers the option to share your songs with anyone via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Just Sing It! is a free app, though you can make in-app purchases if you want to get coins without singing. The app is optimized for iPhone/iPod touch, and can be found at the following link.

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