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Pocketory: Collaborate With Friends To Create & Share Inventory Lists [iPhone]

Even if you are not a hoarder, chances are that you have got plenty of stuff that isn’t really useful, but is still lying around your room, or in your closet, for the fear that if you put it away somewhere else, you will never be able to find the items again. However, things don’t have to be that way, and you can bring order and neatness to your life with a small effort. All you need is a few spare minutes, and an iPhone app like Pocketory. Pocketory might appear to be just another list-creating app, but it lets its users do a lot more than merely creating lists. For one thing, Pocketory is image-based, and you can attach a photo with each item in your list. Other than that, the app supports collaborative maintenance of your “pockets” (that’s what groups are called in the app) and you can invite anyone to view and edit the inventory lists. The methods for adding new items to pockets are numerous in the app, and you can add new stuff via internet searches, scanning barcodes or by uploading images from your iPhone’s camera roll.

Pocketory Home Pocketory Templates

It is really easy to use Pocketory, but the app starts with a detailed tutorial nonetheless. After you have created an app account, you are ready to create a new pocket. For doing that, go to the menu marked Pockets and hit the ‘+’ button in the top right corner of the screen. You just have to assign a name to the new pocket and you are good to go. Pocketory makes its users choose a method for adding items to pockets via template selection. The Select Template menu can be brought up by hitting the little arrow icon in the top bar of each pocket. Here are all the templates supported by Pocketory.

  • Blank: Use this template to decide the metadata of each pocket on the go.
  • Instant Photo: Focuses on the object’s image, and launches the camera before you can fill out any other field of the list.
  • Re-Use Last Item: If a pocket consists of similar items, you can use this option to jot down everything quickly.
  • Recycle An Item: Acts like a clipboard for copying whole objects in any pocket.
  • Bar Code Scanner: Probably the best template available in the app. If the item you want to add to the inventory list came in a barcoded package, just scan it and you won’t have to add any other details manually.
  • Search Online: Like the bar code option, searching for a product online relieves you of any additional responsibilities.

Pocketory Pockets Pocketory Item

Once you have added an item to a pocket using any template, it is possible to make changes to it by tapping the edit button. With that, you can add extra images and descriptive texts all images places inside a pocket. The groups in Pocketory sync all your data with the app’s servers, so that everything is available for you no matter where you go. You can access your Pocketory account over the web by heading to app.pocketory.com and logging in with your app credentials. To invite people to view any pocket, or to ask them to make their own contributions to it, head to the main screen and hit the Edit & Share button from the top left corner of the app. Now you can set each pocket’s permissions by hitting its main icon once. Even if your friends don’t have an iPhone, you can nominate them as collaborators via the service’s web version.

Pocketory Tools Pocketory PDF

Another great thing about the lists in Pocketory is the fact that they allow users to export all their data in the form of PDF files. By heading to the Tools section of the app you can choose the parameters that will be used to create PDFs. Once a file has been created, you can share it via email, or open it in another app. There is a printing option available in the PDF menu as well.

If you are privacy-conscious, Pocketory supports a passcode lock of its own, and you can even configure it to wipe all your personal data if someone tries 5 wrong passwords consecutively. All these awesome feature are available for free in this iPhone-optimized app, and if you are looking for an app that can handle inventory lists efficiently and thoroughly, Pocketory is the app you need.

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