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Popoveractions Adds iPad-Like Floating Action Menus To All iPhone Apps

Informator and HomeSafari are just two examples of Cydia tweaks that make some changes to the action menus found throughout iOS in different apps. Both the tweaks make changes to the functionality on offer in these action sheets, and don’t really provide ways of altering how these menus themselves look. On the iPad, action menus have a different layout by default; you see a popup window every time there is a need to access options related to a specific area of an app. If you like that floating look, there is now a way to get it pretty easily on your iPhone and iPod touch. Popoveractions is a new Cydia tweak that changes the options list found in all stock and third-party apps on iOS to a hovering popup window similar to the one that is often seen in the iPad.

Popoveractions iOS Safari Popoveractions iOS Foxit Popoveractions iOS Photos

Once downloaded, Popoveractions takes effect immediately. To see the tweak at work, launch any app and invoke the action menu. We tried it with long-pressing a link in Safari, and the result was the one you can see in the first screenshot above. Of course, not every menu present in iOS is turned into a floating popup by Popoveractions; the ones that don’t use iOS’ native layout remain unaffected. The height of the Popoveractions list changes depending upon the number of options housed by the menu. The tweak tries to center-align the menu for each app, which renders a pretty neat end result.

Popoveractions is effective for almost all iOS apps, including third-party and stock ones. We say almost because the tweak doesn’t work inside root-level apps like iFile and Cydia, but then again, not many cosmetic tweaks do.

Some might question the usefulness of Popoveractions, but the tweak can certainly help in bringing some extra oomph to your iPhone, making it stand out from the crowd. It is also more aesthetically pleasing to have some uniformity across all your iOS devices, if you own both an iPhone and an iPad. Popoveractions is not a very demanding tweak, and configures everything automatically once you have installed it to your device from the jailbreak store. While this is a positive aspect of Popoveractions, some people might have appreciated the option to control the number and type of apps upon which the tweak acts. To download it, head to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, where it is available as a free package.

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