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PrefDelete Lets You Uninstall Tweaks From The Settings App [Jailbreak]

A world without Cydia is hard to imagine. You could very well jailbreak your device and not have this app installed on it but unless you’ve actually owned a jailbroken iPhone, you won’t know just how crucial this one app is to the experience jailbrokers enjoy. That said ( and I have all the admiration in the world for Cydia), I’ve never quite liked the process of uninstalling a tweak. Just finding it in the Installed tab is itself a tedious task. The Recent tab does help but unless I remember what a tweak was called, uninstalling it is going to be time consuming. PrefDelete is a free Cydia tweak available in the BigBoss repository that lets you uninstall a tweak from the Settings app.


PrefDelete is simple; find the tweak you want to uninstall in the Settings app and long press it. A notification will appear asking you to confirm the uninstall. After you tap Uninstall, PrefDelete will prompt you to respring your device.

PrefDelete PrefDelete respring

The advantage that comes with using PrefDelete is of course the super speedy uninstall. If you have a few select favorite tweaks that you use to the exclusion of all others, you might have little use for this tweak. If however, you like trying out new tweaks all the time, then you will appreciate the ease of uninstalling the one you don’t like with PrefDelete.

PrefDelete does have its shortcomings; if a tweak you installed doesn’t add any preference to the Settings app, you will have to install it using Cydia so it isn’t a complete one-size fits all solution. As far as removing a tweak is concerned PrefDelete does it perfectly well going as far as respringing your device. If you’ve ever tried to respring your device without uninstalling a tweak you will know that it isn’t the easiest thing to do and that special tweaks exist for this specific purpose. Overall, PrefDelete is worth the install and the fact that its free is just another advantage. This tweak is compatible with iOS 8.

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