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Prettify Is A Gorgeous, Free Aviary-Based Photo Editor For iPhone

There are two schools of thought when it comes to ‘saturation’ of apps on mobile app stores. The first – which I am a proponent of – says that all the great apps have been made, and that new apps such as those for checking the weather, and editing/sharing photos, are no longer required, since the ones we have now are more than sufficient! The second school of thought believes that there is always room for innovation and improvement, even within hugely saturated app categories.

Now, when it comes to photo-edting apps, I consider myself a big fan of VSCOcam. After trying out several photo-editing apps such as Camera+, KitCam, and Instagram itself, I have settled with VSCOcam’s excellent collection of filters and editing tools.

So, can Prettify dethrone VSCOcam for a casual mobile photographer? We’ll find that out past the jump.

First things first, remember Aviary? The high-quality, free photo editor we have covered on several platforms now? Prettify comes with all of Aviary’s editing features built-in, and adds its own set of features on top. We will discuss both separately.

Prettify-for-iPhone Prettify-Aviary-powered-editor

We have covered Aviary’s photo editing features several times before, but for our readers’ convenience, we can just sum them up here. Prettify comes with basic ‘auto-correction’ enhancements under the names of Hi-Def, Illuminate & Color-Fix, twelve different filters, manual correction tools such as sharpness, orientation, brightness, saturation & temperature, red-eye removal, tilt-shift, blemish removal, and a whitening tool.

Prettify-Filters Prettify-tilt-shift Prettify-Share

However, that’s the standard stuff you can get elsewhere for free. What makes Prettify different?

For starters: Prettify uses blur, iOS 7-style iconography, and smooth transitions to make for a genuinely beautiful user interface. Additionally and more importantly, Prettify comes with in-app purchases for annotating your images. For $1.99, you can add simple text or meme-style text using the Impact font, stickers, free-drawing capabilities, and frames to your photos. There are apps that have these features and they do arguably handle them better, but Prettify combines both photo and image-editing features into one, so that’s a plus.

For an additional dollar, you can remove all ads. Note that I personally did not come across any ads while testing the app on my iPhone 4S running iOS 7.0.4, on which it worked flawlessly, exactly as advertised.

The Bottom Line: Prettify takes Aviary’s strong set of free photo-editing tools, wraps them up in a genuinely gorgeous user interface (it’s a visual treat!), and adds a nice set of annotation tools in the form of in-app purchases. If you are going to use a free photo-editing tool – particularly Aviary – you might as well use Prettify for its prettier interface.

Be sure to let us know what you think of Prettify by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below.

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