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ContactBox: Privately Share Contacts Between Android And iOS Devices

Smartphones have become smarter over the years. What was once a clunky little device we kept in our pockets to make phone calls has turned into a multi purpose machine which lets us play games, stream HD videos, and listen to music on the go. But what hasn’t changed that much about smartphones is the way we manage our contacts. Sure, you can now sync your entire address book with Google or iCloud, but when it comes to sharing them with others, the default solutions still leave us wanting more. ContactBox is a new app for Android and iOS that tackles this issue by letting users create custom contact lists and privately send them to their friends via text or email.

The usage of ContactBox is straightforward and easily understandable. The first step when you launch the app is to register a new account by signing up with your email and phone number. After specifying correct credentials, ContactBox sends a security confirmation code through SMS which you will need to enter when asked. It also sends a verification message to the specified email, so don’t forget to verify that too.

ContactBox Sign Up ContactBox Confirm

The main UI of ContactBox is fairly simple, intuitive and easy to navigate. It carries a few dummy contacts’ lists to give you a basic idea about how it works. You can tap on these contacts to view additional information such as sample contacts lists as well as delete them. Swiping from the left edge of the display reveals a sidebar menu from where you can create new contacts’ lists, view existing ones, access your profile as well as any notifications you have regarding contact lists that are shared with you.

ContactBox Main ContactBox Sidebar

Creating a custom contacts’ list is also quite easy; tap the button in the top-right hand corner on the ‘My Contact Lists’ screen (or its shortcut in sidebar menu), enter a name for your list and start adding contacts. You can add as many contacts to your list as you want. The app enables you to not only import contact details from your address book but also create a new contact from scratch. Past that, you can easily share the list by taping the middle button below, or you can send a message to either individuals or groups to notify them about the list.

When you share the list with anyone else, they can access it as long as they have ContactBox installed on their device. The list is then updated when either user modifies these details. Having said that, ContactBox also lets you allow or block people from editing it, or revoke someone’s access.

ContactBox New ContactBox Contact List ContactBox Share

The only drawback is that it requires your recipients to install ContactBox to their device as well. But despite this, it’s a really great app that can help you quickly share contacts with others.

Install ContactBox for Android

Install ContactBox for iOS

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  1. Thanks. But why not use Whatsapp to share contacts – it is a lot more universal app rather than requiring the ContactBox app to be installed in the sender and the recipient devices.

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