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Record A Screencast On Your iPhone Without A Mac Or Jailbreak

Recording screencasts on your iPhone  isn’t very easy to do unless you’ve got a Mac running Yosemite or you’re willing to shell out $40  (or more) on an app that lets you record screencasts with your Windows PC. There are ways to do it if you’ve got a jailbroken device but for those of us who run their iPhones on vanilla iOS, a Mac is almost always needed. It’s times like this that you should thank the gaming community. Watching people game is an oddly popular thing, so much so that it’s inspired the launch of several services (like Twitch) that lets people earn money by streaming their game play. This very same community has inspired lots of great apps for recording your screen of which Shou.Tv is free and doesn’t require a jailbroken device. You must have iOS 8.3 or above running on your device.

In order to record your screen, you will install two apps from Shou.tv; a recording app and a broadcasting app. The recording app will not be downloaded through the app store. You should also know that the app is unable to record from an app that is ‘full screen’. Examples of full screen apps are Infinity Blade, King of Thieves, Temple Run, and Angry Birds, to name a few.

Install Shou.Tv Recording App

Open Safari and enter shou.tv/i in the URL bar. When prompted tap Trust and install the Shou.tv app.

shoutv_install  shout_trust

Install Shou.Tv Broadcasting App

Next, launch the newly installed app on your phone. You’ll be prompted to install the Shou.Tv broadcast app.  It’s necessary to install the app if you want to sign in and record with the app you just installed.

shoutv_broadcast shoutv_sign_in

Recording Your Screencast

Once you’ve signed in to the broadcast app, tap the recording app (the one you downloaded first via Safari) and tap record. The app advises that you enable AssistiveTouch to record games but that doesn’t work for all of them (as per our tests). You can choose to not enable it and it will still record.

Tap Record and then give your video a name and choose the app you want to record (both are optional). The other settings on this screen are far more important; select the format (MP4 or MOV), set the orientation, and choose the resolution. Start recording. Because there is another app running in the background, there will be a red bar at the top to indicate it is running.

shoutv_orientation save_video_ios8

Once you’re done, return to the app and tap the film reel button at the top right of the app’s home screen, select a video and save it to your camera roll.


  1. I test Shou on my iPad mini 2, it worked pretty well. but it crashed occasionally on my iPhone, any thoughts on what else I could check to fix this? iOS and OS are both fully updated. I used to capture my iPhone screen with acethinker iphone screen recorder, never had that problem.

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