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How To Record Your Browser On Your iPhone

You can record a screencast of your iPhone if you have a Mac. If you don’t have a Mac, you will have to jailbreak your device to record a screencast. If you’re developing iOS apps, this is hardly going to be a problem because a Mac is a prerequisite for iOS development. The same can’t be said if you’re developing for the web. If all you need to do is record your browser on your iPhone, buying a Mac or jailbreaking your device is overkill. Meet Mobile Web Recorder; it’s an iOS app worth $1.99 in the app store that lets you record your browser on your iPhone. The app has its own built-in web browser. You enter the URL you want to record, and tap Go. Mobile Web Recorder can record just the screen or the screen and audio from your mic.

Install Mobile Web Recorder and open it. The interface is straight forward; enter the URL you want to record in the URL bar and tap Go on the keyboard. If you tap ‘Go’ on the app’s interface, you will simply go to the URL. The app will not start recording unless you tap the record button at the top.

When you start recording, Mobile Web Recorder will ask you if you want to record your screen and audio from your mic, or just your screen. Tap ‘Record Screen Only’ to limit the recording to the on-screen activity. If you’re recording a demo, tap ‘Record Screen & Microphone’ to provide a voice over with the recording.

Tap the stop button at the top of the screen to end the recording. Mobile Web Recorder will ask you if you want to save the video or discard it. That’s all it takes.

Mobile Web Recorder is built for testers, instructors, and anyone who needs to make an awesome mobile web demo. The app highlights taps on your screen. Whenever you interact with the screen during the recording, the app adds little blue indicators to show a tap. The video is saved in MP4 format and the quality of the video is excellent. Mobile Web Recorder can record in both portrait and landscape mode.

With Mobile Web Recorder, there are two important things to remember. One, it uses the ‘Shake to undo’ gesture to go back. When you’re recording a screencast, be careful not shake your phone too much. Two, this is for recording a mobile website or mobile app. It is not for recording Safari. The app doesn’t work in or with Safari. It has its own browser and that is all it will record. You cannot use it to record other apps.

If you like the app and are looking for more tools to help you create better demos, FlowVella, the makers of Mobile Web Recorder have more tools to help you do just that.

Download Mobile Web Recorder From The App Store


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