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Remember Where You Parked & Get Alerts When Your Meter Is About To Expire [iOS]

The Seinfeld episode Parking Garage is about a very real problem that dozens of people face everyday i.e., remembering where they parked. At the time the sitcom was made, smartphones simply didn’t exist. There were no smart apps or handy little devices that you could maybe stick to your car to locate it more easily. It was just you and your brain back then but not any more. QuickPark is a free iOS app that helps you remember where you parked and reminds you that your meter is about to run out.

To work properly, QuickPark needs to be able to send you alerts and it needs to access your location. Once you’ve parked your car, open the app and let it find you on the map. The app will pin-point your location and when it does, tap the ‘Park my car’ button. A meter timer will pop up right after asking you if you parked at a meter. You will be given an option to set a timer for it. You’re now free to go run your errand, buy lunch, and maybe feed the ducks at the park.

QuickPark QuickPark-meter

If you’re running late and your meter is about to expire, QuickPark will send you an alert ten and then five minutes before it runs out. When you open the app after parking your car, you will see a dashboard showing you how far you are from your current parking spot, how much time is left on the meter, and how long it took you to physically walk to the current place away from your car. When you tap on ‘Find my car’ the QuickPark will trace your route and direct you back to your parking spot.

QuickPark-alert QuickPark-settings

QuickPark has limitations and it’s well aware of them. When pinpointing your parking spot, you can’t be so accurate as to be led right to it. You will be directed to the nearest point the app can pick on a map. To make up for the inaccuracy, QuickPark lets you record an audio message hint that might help you find your parked car. You can maybe say you parked near a dumpster, or mention which level you parked on, or perhaps record the name of the shop you parked outside of.

The app is really awesome. The UI is simple to understand and apps like this are why technology exists. QuickPark also has a companion app for the Apple Watch.

Install QuickPark From The App Store

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