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RemindMeAgain Repeats iOS Reminder Notifications Every Few Minutes

Ever since alarms started showing up in mobile phones, the snooze capability has been there for those of us who want just a few more minutes of sleep before we get up. Reminders and alarms aren’t too different in theory, but you rarely see a reminder repeatedly nagging you to pay attention to it, especially if you use the stock Reminders app for iOS. Like any other app, Reminders just displays one notification banner when a task’s deadline arrives, and that’s it (unless you go to the Notification Center). A few weeks back, we told you about a solution to a similar problem on OS X, and now there is a new tweak in the Cydia store that shares the OSX app’s name and purpose. RemindMeAgain for jailbroken iOS devices makes sure that users keep getting notification banners from the Reminders app until they mark a task as completed. You get to choose the exact time interval after which the notification is repeated, making the whole operation really smooth.

RemindMeAgain iOS Settings RemindMeAgain iOS NC

The Reminders app already has a ‘Repeat’ field within it, but the minimum time interval you can configure using that option is of one day. It would have been super cool had RemindMeAgain added its new options to that menu, but the current method works pretty well too. Head to the stock Settings app, and look for the new entry added by the tweak there. The ‘Active’ toggle can be used to enable and disable RemindMeAgain, while the fields below it deal with the time after which pending notifications from the Reminders app are shown again. There are separate options for hours and minutes, letting you combine the two to configure RemindMeAgain just the way you want.

Whenever the Reminders app sends a new notification and you ignore it, the tweak’s settings kick in. To keep things uncluttered, only two entries (the actual and most recent ones) reside in the Notification Center and the Reminders app, regardless of the times the banner actually shows up. All of the in-between reminders are just temporary, and RemindMeAgain keeps cleaning them up automatically.

When Astrid acquired the ability to get reminders from Siri, a lot of users switched to it from the stock Reminders app. Tweaks like RemindMeAgain, however, might make you reconsider the app Apple has developed for your phone, since features like iCloud syncing make it a pretty neat option to have.

RemindMeAgain is a free tweak, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. It works only with devices running iOS 6 or later.

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