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Rockmelt Updated With iPhone Support & New Navigation Gestures

Rockmelt might appear to be in the general category of web browsers for iOS, but anyone who has ever used it can testify that the app is quite different from other apps of that genre. Rockmelt combines social networking with web browsing, and adds a nice touch of gestures to the whole mix. If you are an iPhone or iPod touch user but still haven’t heard of the app, it’s probably due to the fact that Rockmelt has been iPad-exclusive ever since it was released in the App Store. Now however, Rockmelt has arrived for iPhone and iPod touch, with an interface that will really make you fall in love with the app. A few new gestures have been added to the mix as well that allow you to easily like or unlike web pages with a flick of your finger.

Rockmelt iOS Landscape

If you are already using Rockmelt, simply sign in using your existing account details. Otherwise, registration is possible via email, Facebook and Twitter. Rockmelt adds a few sources and topics to your ‘followed’ list automatically, but you can customize them or add new ones quite easily. All the articles opened from the main feed are shown in reader mode by default. It is nice to see that even on the iPhone’s smaller screen, Rockmelt has retained support for both landscape and portrait modes.

Rockmelt iOS Reaction Rockmelt iOS Sidebar

To categorize articles, hit the bubble in the bottom-right corner and select a suitable response that defines the item best in your opinion. You can also share posts with your friends or leave your comments using the same button.

To help users curate their feeds more easily, Rockmelt offers two gestures. If you don’t like an item, simply slide it to the left, while swiping the other way sends the article into the ‘Kept Items’ list. This list acts like a repository of bookmarks and also helps the app in coming up with suitable stories in the future based on what you like. For those of us who with friends who also use Rockmelt, the ‘Notifications’ tab is sure to come in handy. This area of the app tells you if a friend shares something or there is some progress in the stories you follow.

Rockmelt iOS Search Rockmelt iOS Followed

There is a search bar at the top of the screen in the ‘Browse’ menu, and you can easily find interesting topics and sources using it. The app also lets users browse through different categories from the selection menu, but you can come back to the main screen any time by hitting the Rockmelt icon in the top-left corner. Rockmelt makes sure that its users never get lost in the app, and always remembers their position on the homepage.

Rockmelt is a free and universal app. Its recent update has also brought iPhone 5 optimization, thereby completing the whole iOS set.

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