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Save Web Pages For Offline Reading In Chrome For iOS With WebOffline

A lot of people who are new to iOS are fooled into thinking that when Safari fully loads a page, it will remain available for reading even after you go offline and exit the app. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Every time any iPhone web browser is re-launched, it has to refresh already open pages, and if you are no longer online, this means that all the stuff you intended to read during your daily commute will have to wait. Many were hoping that Chrome would be able to address this issue, but looks like this annoying behavior is related to iOS’ lack of true multitasking. While for most users, there is no sure way of avoiding this inconvenience, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, there’s a tweak for that. WebOffline for Chrome is a new release that adds a convenient offline reading list to the Chrome browser. A tweak called WebOffline has been available for Safari for a while now, but Chrome has amassed so many fans since its release that WebOffline for Chrome was really needed.

WebOffline for Chrome iOS Option WebOffline for Chrome iOS Confirm WebOffline for Chrome iOS List

The tweak will cost you $0.99, but for any admirer of the Chrome app, this price tag is totally worth it.

Installing WebOffline for Chrome will add a new option to Chrome’s settings menu, right beside the native bookmark icon. Navigate to any article you want to read offline and hit this new icon. You will see a green notification at the bottom of the screen telling you that the page has been saved successfully.

So, how can you read these saved pages? WebOffline adds a whole new section to Chrome’s New Tab page. From this screen, you will be able to access all saved pages, which are presented in the form of a grid, complete with thumbnails.

Although the functionality offered by WebOffline for Chrome is great, the implementation is far from perfect for now. The tweak can cause Chrome to crash at times, although this problem has been greatly reduced in the tweak’s recent update. Another issue is the occasionl appearance of a failure notice when you save a new page, but mostly, you may simply ignore this notification, as it is usually just a false alarm. We are pretty sure that WebOffline for Chrome will get better in the near future, but until then, you may have to put up with a few bugs in exchange for an awesome new feature for your favorite iPhone web browser.

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