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Seed Mail Is An iPhone Email App With Reminders, Gesture Control & Priority Inbox

Ever since all the hype surrounding Sparrow died down, no other email client has gained as much popularity among iOS users. While Sparrow was great, it was far from perfect; the interface didn’t bring anything fresh to the plate, and there weren’t a lot of extra features that would make you ditch the stock Mail app. Looks like the team behind Seed Mail has learned from Sparrow’s shortcomings, since this new release has a gorgeous interface, supports a lot of gestures and is pretty sweet when it comes to handling multiple accounts. If you are not on iOS 6, Seed Mail’s VIP inbox feature alone might be enough incentive for you to grab the app. A refreshingly new concept that has been implemented in Seed Mail is the creation of reminders associated with certain messages.

Seed Mail iOS Menu Seed Mail iOS VIP

Sometimes even the simplest of iOS apps come with extensive tutorials, but Seed Mail has no instructions to help you get started. The first thing to do in order to start using the app is adding your email account(s) to it. You might have to configure some mailing services manually, while others require nothing more than username and password. After one account has been set up, others can be added by hitting the ‘+’ button in the bottom-left corner of the main menu that you can bring up by swiping to the right of the screen. If you are using multiple accounts, there is a quick navigation bar at the right of the menu that allows you to switch to a particular folder quickly. Another gesture supported by Seed Mail is the options view for individual messages; by swiping across any email, you can delete it, add it to favorites or set a reminder for it.

To make use of VIP inbox, you will have to mark your favorite contacts as ‘VIP’. This has to be done by heading to the ‘Contacts’ section of Seed Mail. VIP mails appear in both the usual inbox (with a special icon next to the title) and the VIP one.

Seed Mail iOS Message Seed Mail iOS Reminder

While reading a mail, pull it downwards to create a reminder related to it. The reminder notification itself offers the option to directly open the message that it was created for. Other options include the ability to attach multiple images easily from within the app, and smooth forwarding/replying capabilities.

Seed Mail is a free app, and is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. You can grab it from the iTunes App Store using the following link.

Download Seed Mail For iOS

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