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Send A Message To Let Someone Know Why You’re Calling

The Do Not Disturb mode, or Interruptions if you’re using Android, is a feature that prevents notifications from disturbing you on your device. You can ensure that only calls from important people come through or only your most essential apps can send you alerts while your phone is resting on your night stand, or on your desk at work. I’ve personally found Do Not Disturb or Interruptions to work great but to only be suitable for use at night. I don’t really favour it at work for one simple reason; working hours is when a lot of important activity happens and blocking calls isn’t the best way to avoid interruptions. I just keep my phone on silent and prefer people text me before calling. Lots of people don’t have time for their devices when they’re working so taking calls isn’t easy. Calltag is a great way around this; it’s an app available for both Android and iOS that lets you quickly compose a message with your name and where you’re calling from, and add tags that describe what your conversation is about. The message is sent to whoever you intend to call to give them a heads-up on why you’re calling. Once the message is sent, the app initiates a count down before the call is made. Your recipient will know why you’re calling and they can choose to take the call, or ignore it.

When you set Calltag up, it asks you to enter your name and where you’re calling from. Once you’ve done that, you need only enter a name or number for who you’re going to call (this app will access your contacts) and tap ‘Next’.

Calltag_name Calltag no

Next, pick hashtags for why you’re calling. The app comes with some tags already added but you’re free to create you’re own. After the one-time set-up, you will only have to enter the contact number and the tags for your call. Once the message is sent from within the app, Calltag will initiate a 10 second call timer before the call is initiated.

You can change the timer duration by tapping the cog wheel button at the top right and going to the app’s settings. You can change the default call message that is used as a template and tags are added to later, and change the theme as well.

Calltag tags Calltag_settings

The app developers cite cold calling as a good use to put this app to. I personally think it’s a good way to let someone know why you’re calling when they’re usually busy and unable to take calls. Your recipient doesn’t need to have this app installed so it’s something you can do on your device. It’s likely to improve your chances of getting your calls answered, while also ensuring that your recipient at least knows why you were calling.

Install Calltag From The App Store

Install Calltag From Google Play

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