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Send Any Link From Mobile Safari To Chrome For iPhone & iPad [Tip]

Chrome for iPhone and iPad came out a couple of days back, much to the delight of the iOS user community. The browser brought with a lot of the familiar goodies of its popular desktop and Android variants, including Google Sync, speed dial tabs and loads more. We even did an article elaborating the goodies in Chrome for iOS just yesterday. Whether Chrome is the best browser our there for your iDevice or not, is yet debatable, and while there are mixed feelings on that ground, a majority seems to believe Chrome is definitely better. faster, and more feature-packed. Wherever you lie in the spectrum, sometimes we do things just because we can. And so it turns out, while you cannot change the default browser in iOS (well, actually you can, if you are jailbroken), you can still play a cool little JavaScript trick to launch any page that has been opened in Mobile Safari directly in Chrome, with there mere tap of a button!

This neat little hack, if you can call it that, comes courtesy of Jon Abrams, who outlined the process for creating a bookmarklet for sending any webpage in iOS to Chrome, on his blog. The process is pretty straightforward. First, open any page in Mobile Safari, and add it to bookmarks.


Name the bookmark something like Open in Chrome (or anything that you’d want to call it – it isn’t specific), and save it.


Now, visit the Bookmarks, tap the Edit button on top right and open it for editing. Delete whatever is present in the location already, and enter the following JavaScript snippet:



It may be easier if you visit this page on your iPhone or iPad and copy the snippet rather than typing it in. However, that’s purely up to you. Once the code is entered, hit Done and that’s it.


The next time you’re on a website in Mobile Safari and want to launch it in Google Chrome for iOS, simply hit the bookmarklet, and viola! The webpage will immediately transfer to Chrome.

There really isn’t any complication involved in doing so, and quite frankly, I don’t find much use for it personally. After all, it’s not like you’ve switched your default browser to Chrome. It might be noted, however, that if you’re a jailbroken iPhone or iPad user, you can change your device’s default browser using the Browser Changer tweak from Cydia. For now, Team Pure, this is the best that you have.

Got any more Chrome-related tips you want to share? We’d love to hear from you.

[via lifehacker]


  1. With iCloud account, bookmarks sync across Apple devices. So taking that advantage, one could also create bookmarks on Mac Safari and have it propagate to iOS devices for this tip mentioned here, if typing on iOS for javascript bookmarklet code bit more of a hassle.

    I also wonder if this tip works on Mac desktop Safari too, since using same iCloud account syncs bookmarks across Apple devices. Could try resulting bookmarklet on Mac desktop to see if it opens Chrome on Mac. 🙂

  2. Lol why do so?????????????!!!!!!!!!if you have open in chrome from cydia signed by poetic folly ???guess there is a reason …still nice one but def not the greatest

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