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Set Periodic Reminders For Taking Your Medication [iOS]

Reminder apps are a popular sub-category of productivity apps. These apps focus on organizing tasks and to-dos into smart lists that make it easier to keep track of the nature of the many tasks you need to do. Round is free reminder app for iOS with a very specific purpose; it remidns you to take your meds. If you’re on any type of medication, especially if it’s more than one type of pill, the app will let you add individual reminders for each one. It can add medicine from its existing database and you can specify the quantity (in mg) you have to take each time. Once you’ve taken a doze, you can mark the reminder complete.

Open Round and enter the name of the medicine you need to take. Make sure you spell it correctly or the app will not be able to detect what you’re taking. Enter the strength of the medicine you’re taking. If you’re not sure what it is, look at the packaging of the tablet and it will tell you how much each tablet weights. That’s the ‘strength’. You can skip it if you feel it’s unnecessary.

Next, set when you normally need to take the medicine and choose the length of your ‘Reminder Window’. The reminder window is set around the time you need to take your medication. During this window, Round will continuously remind you to take your pills.

round-add med round-med-reminder

Once you’ve taken your medicine, you can mark the reminder ‘done’. If you ever want to review your medication and reminders, tap the ‘My Medicine’ tab.

round-alert round-done

Round is pretty nice but it does have its shortcomings i.e., there’s no option for you to record how much of a medicine you have to take in terms of pills i.e. one or two pills. For anyone who has just started taking medicine, has poor memory, or is taking them short term, being able to enter your dosage is essential. Other than that, the app is great and the reminder window feature makes it so you aren’t plagued by reminders all day.

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