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ShoutOut Radio For iPhone Lets You Share & Stream Music On Facebook

Every once in a while, you are bound to come across a song that really hits the spot. It’s at times like these that you feel the need the share. ShoutOut Radio is a new iPhone app that lets its users scrobble songs from their own library or through Last.fm. This app uses your Facebook account to send public and private messages to your friends regarding the songs you are listening to. There are plenty of radio streaming services available for iOS, and a lot of apps offer scrobbling, but ShoutOut Radio combines the two in a perfect meld. Even if none of your friends are on ShoutOut Radio, they can still stream the music you share with them right from their Facebook Walls. You can also create personalized radio stations of your choice by letting the app know of your taste in songs and artists.

ShoutOut Radio iOS Profile ShoutOut Radio iOS Settings

To use ShoutOut Radio, you will have to link your Facebook account with the app, of course. Once you’ve done that, you can make changes to your ShoutOut account in the Profile section. From the Settings screen, you get the option to invite friends to use the app, toggle explicit content control and change permission settings.

ShoutOut Radio iOS Feed ShoutOut Radio iOS Charts ShoutOut Radio iOS Share

To scrobble a song, hit the blue button in the middle of the bottom bar. If you’ve got the desired song stored locally, choose the Music from My iPod option. Songs that you have discovered elsewhere can also be scrobbled using Music Search.

ShoutOut Radio sends out iTunes previews for each track that you share. These will appear on the Facebook walls of all the friends you choose. If you don’t want to publicly share a song with someone, you may send it as a private ShoutOut, provided the recipient uses ShoutOut Radio app.

The ShoutOuts tab shows a stream of all the songs that you’ve shared with your friends, along with all the feedback that they’ve received. The great thing about the feedback is that the comments and likes from Facebook and ShoutOut Radio itself are unified.

ShoutOut Radio iOS My Radio ShoutOut Radio iOS Radio List

All your shares add up to populate the My Radio tab of the app. You can also add artists, albums, tracks and composers to your station manually, and scrobble whatever’s currently playing. One thing that has to be clarified is that even if a station is named after a song, it is not necessary that you will find that particular track there, as similar but different songs might be on when you tune in.

ShoutOut Radio started as Kickstarter project, and within a few months, garnered enough support to come up with this unique iOS app. You can download it for free by heading to the following App Store link.

Download ShoutOut Radio For iOS

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