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Signal 2 Maps Out Your iPhone Carrier’s Cellular Coverage In The Area

The most common factor that makes people switch from one mobile carrier to another is bad reception. It isn’t easy living with poor call quality, slow internet speeds and continuously disappearing signals due to insufficient coverage from your service provider. The bars in the top-left corner of your iPhone’s screen give you a general idea of the signal strength in the area, but it is always nice to get the complete picture. Signal 2 is a Cydia app developed by planetbeing from the evasi0n jailbreak dev team evad3rs. If you want to know the exact distance the nearest cellular tower is from you, or the accurate numerical value of the signal strength you currently have, Signal 2 is the way to go. The amount of information it offers is truly staggering.

Signal 2 iOS Signal 2 iOS Current Cell Signal 2 iOS Neigboring Cell

Signal 2 is an app rather than a mere tweak, and hence adds a new icon to the SpringBoard of your iPhone. The main screen shows a map with your current location represented by a blue dot, surrounded by small circles representing all the cellular towers located nearby. The tower that your phone is presently connected to is shown in red, with a line demonstrating its physical distance from you. The RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) value of every listed tower is shown on the map as well. In case you are not familiar with this, the RSSI ranges between 0 and 127, with 127 representing maximum signal strength.

To get some extra information about your network, tap the small ‘i’ icon in the bottom-right. Technical information like RSSI value of neighboring cells, the radio technology being used, band/cell info, and even codes for your area, cell or country is displayed in this ‘Signal Cell Data’ menu. Admittedly, not everyone is going to require all this information, but Signal 2 can be great if you want to compare the coverage of different cellular companies in your area. Simply swap your SIM card with a friend for a few minutes, and see if there is any significant difference in the stats displayed by Signal 2.

A great thing about this app is that it works even without internet access. All stats and even partial map data can be viewed offline, which is great for checking out your network’s strength on the go in any region. The app costs $3.99, but anyone who is really annoyed because of poor reception won’t mind paying this much one time for such thorough network stats. Signal 2 is available in the ModMyi repo of Cydia store.

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