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Similar Movies For iPhone Recommends Films That Match Your Favorites

There are a lot of services that help you discover music based on your preferences and personal collection, but getting a good movie recommendation is tougher than coming across a nice song. It is possible to browse through IMDb to find a title that has excellent reviews and ratings, but even a highly acclaimed movie might not turn out to be according to your taste. A sure way of avoiding this situation is to get suggestions from your friends who know your preferences and likes, or to ask around if a movie is similar to one you absolutely love. Another way is to use a movie recommendation app like Movie Twist for Android that we recently reviewed. Similar Movies for iPhone is a similar app but with a different way of execution – it acts like a friend that knows everything about all the movies that have ever been released; just tell the app the name of a movie you like, and it’ll generate a list of movies similar to it in several ways.

Similar Movies iOS Home Similar Movies iOS Search

Similar Movie has a fairly minimalistic user interface, and you don’t need any sort of account to use it. Upon launch, you are shown an introduction and usage instructions to help you get acquainted with the app. The main page has a search box, where you can enter the name of any movie to search for similar movies. If more than one movies match the search query, Similar Movie asks you to select the correct one from a list of all the matches. To assist you with selecting the right movie, the release years of the titles are listed above their names.

Similar Movies iOS Similar Movies iOS Suggestion Similar Movies iOS iMDB

Once you select the right movie as the search query, you will arrive at the suggestions screen. To make it easy for you to find the right kind of movies, the app lists all similar movies sorted according to their IMDb ratings and relevance to the query. Similar Movies uses color coding to show the movie’s match level with your search, while the rating is shown next to the name. Tapping the name of any recommendation opens its own page, allowing you quick access to search for movies similar to this one, visit its IMDb page, and watch its trailer. Both the trailer and the IMDb page open in the app itself, rather than in Safari. The constant presence of the looking-glass icon in the top-right corner of the app ensures that you can perform a fresh search from anywhere in the app.

Similar Movies is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. Grab it for free if you are looking for a hassle-free way of discovering the kind of movies you like, in the minimum possible time.

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