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Sky Is A Minimal iPhone Weather App That Changes Background Color With Temperature

Most people who rushed to the evasi0n jailbreak soon after its release got hit by the Weather app’s crashing issue. Although the evad3rs have since fixed the issue, losing access to the stock Weather app forced many people to look for alternatives. Maybe this is why some really good weather apps have been showing up in the App Store lately. Sky is the latest to join an already impressive collection of weather-related apps for iOS. The app doesn’t offer much in terms of features and customizations, but is perfect for anyone who admires minimalism. Most people want a weather app that gives them adequate information in a single view, and Sky does just that. The app displays any area’s current temperature, an icon depicting the current conditions, and a dynamic, colored background.

Sky-for-iOS-welcome-screen Sky-minimal-weather-for-iPhone

At first glance, you might get the impression that Sky sacrifices a lot of features to stay true to its minimalistic approach, but the app incorporates just about everything you are likely to need in a weather app. To help new users, a few instructions are overlaid on the main screen when the app is launched for the first time. Once you have gone through them, just grant Sky access to your location to make it show the weather conditions in your area. You can refresh the page by swiping downwards from the top of the screen. Each page consists of the location’s name, weather icon, current temperature and the forecast for the next four days. The forecast shows both maximum and minimum expected temperatures for each day.


To change temperature units and add/remove locations, long-press anywhere on the default page. Swipe to the right, touch the ‘C’ or ‘F’ icon to select the temperature unit, and tap the ‘+’ icon in the middle of the blank card. Now you can search for any city or place and add its very own page to the app. The change of unit for one location is effective for all the cards that have already been pinned.

The color of each place’s card represents the time of the day and the current temperature there. This color keeps changing with the passage of time. Unlike most weather apps coming out these days, Sky does not have a badge icon to show the current temperature, which would have made the app near-perfect.

Sky can be downloaded for free and works only on iOS 6. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch.

Download Sky For iOS


  1. Hello, I’m developer of this app. So thanks a lot for the review.

    I just wanted to mention a slight correction to your article, the temperature unit setting is global, so it applies to all locations. So you don’t have to remove then re-add a location to change the unit.

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