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SlideCut Brings Keyboard Shortcuts To iOS [Jailbreak]

Who doesn’t love keyboard shortcuts? Just the word ‘Hotkey’ makes you feel like you’re about do something phenomenal even though really you might only be sending a file to the Trash or Recycle Bin. Keyboard shortcuts are present on the desktop platform and not on the mobile platform. Not even devices with a physical QWERTY keyboard have keyboard shortcuts and the majority of devices sold today have a touch screen. Where the iPhone decided to limit itself to one physical button on the screen, Samsung took it further with no buttons on the screen with some of their handsets. It’s hard to imagine keyboard shortcuts with devices being the way they are but SlideCut does an amazing job at it. You actually sit and wonder why Apple didn’t think of this. SlideCut is a Cydia tweak available in the BigBoss repository for free. It gives you keyboard shortcuts; you tap the spacebar and then slide your finger to one of the letters associated with a shortcut and the shortcut is executed. It is that simple. So what shortcuts does the tweak support? All the basic ones you are used to on your desktop; cut, copy, paste, select all, undo, redo and more.

SlideCut has no settings or anything to manage and the shortcuts cannot be customized. It’s a use ‘as-is’ sort of package but its built so well you wouldn’t really want to change anything.

SlideCut bigboss  SlideCut


Here is a list of shortcuts that the tweak supports;

X : Cut
C : Copy
V : Paste
A : Select All
Z : Undo
Y : Redo
Q : Start line
P : End line
B : Beginning of Document
E : End of Document
S : Select word
H : Move to Left
J : Move to Down
K : Move to Up
L : Move to Right

There isn’t even a learning curve here; the keyboard responds really well to it. So, apart from the obvious reason, why would you want or need SlideCut? For me, it’s useful because I have stubby fingers and copying text or just a single word from any thing makes for a lit of hit and miss. That’s also where the tweak’s limitations come in; you can only use the shortcuts in apps where you can call the keyboard. So while the keyboard pops up when you’re typing a URL into Safari’s address bar, it certainly doesn’t pop-up when I want to select text on a web page. To put it simply; the tweak will work in any app that lets you input or edit text.

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  • A must have if you type/edit a lot of messages on your mobile device. Awesome tweak!

  • Chaz

    “Not even devices with a physical QWERTY keyboard have keyboard shortcuts…”
    Wrong. Ever hear of BlackBerry? You know, the device from the company that *invented* the smartphone? Keyboard shortcuts are an integral part of all physical keyboard BlackBerry devices, especially BB10.

  • Chaz

    “…it certainly doesn’t pop-up when I want to select text on a web page.”
    Isn’t there a way to bring up the keyboard anywhere, anytime? Like a two-finger swipe up from the bottom screen bezel? I know other devices operate like this.