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Sort Preferences In The iOS Settings App Into Groups [Jailbreak]

Apple has good reason behind the way everything in iOS is laid out and as Jony Ive will tell you before each new iPhone or iOS version is announced, a lot of thought went in to making it happen. iDevice owners who jailbreak their devices would disagree; the mobile OS is great but they can think of a few things they would like done differently. If one of your areas of contention is the Settings app and how the different settings are listed, then PreferenceTag is a tweak that will let you change it completely. It’s available in both the BigBoss and Insanelyi repositories and it allows you to group different settings into tags. You have complete control over which setting will be grouped under a certain tag and if you aren’t into creating tags you can just hide the preferences you don’t use.


Once installed, go to the Settings app and open the newly added PreferenceTag. Under Hide Settings, you can select which preference you want to hide and you can choose to remove the separators as well though it makes the preferences look more messy as opposed to clean.

PreferenceTag PreferenceTag select

The highlight of this tweak is the tagging feature. Although it’s called a tag it acts more like a group for your preferences. Tap Tags and then Add Tags. A number is automatically assigned to the tags as you add them. It’s a serial number and it decides what order the tags will appear in. They are not sorted in alphabetical order. You can add an icon for each tag you add though it isn’t mandatory.

PreferenceTag settings tag

To move preferences to the tag you just added, tap it and select which ones you want to move to it. Remember that you’re moving these preferences so they will no longer appear in the main screen of the Settings app. Once you’ve added the preferences, return to the main screen and tap the tag you created to view and manage the preferences you just added to it. Preferences added to a tag cannot be added to any other tag and are automatically removed from the list of preferences that can be added to subsequent tags.

add to tag  pref in tag

To edit which preferences appear in a tag, or to remove a tag, return to the Tag section in PreferenceTag’s settings and tap the tag you want to edit or remove. The tweak covers most bases when it comes to organizing the many preferences in the Settings app though an option to sort them in alphabetical order might be a good idea as well.

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