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Spotify Brings The New Discover Feed To Its iOS App

Apple’s introduction of iTunes Radio has certainly galvanized a lot of competing music services. Relatively newer services like Xbox Music are always looking to improve, but it is nice to see that popular names like Spotify haven’t chosen to rest on their laurels either. Spotify came out with a new ‘Discover’ feed a few months back, but the feature was limited only to the web version of the service. With Discover, Spotify uses its intelligent algorithms that are usually just employed to create radio stations, and uses them to provide users with song suggestions based on their tastes in music, what their friends are listening to, and what is popular around the world these days. Although Discover is the biggest addition to Spotify for iOS, there are other changes in the update as well, like an improved search menu and a better Now Playing screen.

Spotify iOS Discover Spotify iOS Discover Spotify iOS Playback Options

The app shows the Discover feed as soon as you launch it for the first time after updating. If you are new to Spotify, songs that are popular on the service appear in the feed, but once you get down to using the app frequently, the listed tracks get closer and closer to your actual preferences. The Discover section takes your current location into account too. You can preview the songs listed in the feed by long-pressing the play button, while tapping it once initiates normal playback. It is nice to see that Discover recommends both artists and songs, while also displaying the reason they are appearing in your feed.

Another new thing you are sure to notice about Spotify after its recent update is the improved ‘Now Playing’ section. Apart from all the design enhancements, there is also support for viewing a complete list of upcoming songs.

Spotify iOS Playlist Edit Spotify iOS Search

Other changes in Spotify 0.7.1 might not be as flashy as the new Now Playing and Discover, but they are certainly sure to make your overall experience of using the app better. The ‘Search’ screen is divided into three tabs: Artists, Albums and tracks. Many crashing issues are now a thing of the past, the app has a new icon and you can finally edit playlists right from your iPhone. Admittedly, it is still not possible to tinker with the playing order, but songs can be easily added and removed from lists, which is a great addition to the mix.

These Spotify changes are not yet available on Android; even on iOS, some users will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the Discover section. You can check for yourself if you have access to the new update by clicking the link given below.

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