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SpotLock: Lock Your iPhone By Swiping To Spotlight Search Area [Cydia]

The Spotlight search area in iOS devices does have some fans, but many people simply don’t use it. This is apparent when you look at the number of Cydia tweaks that alter Spotlight search with some new functionality. Apart from those tweaks, there are a few that disable Spotlight search completely, but SpotLock is the first one that disables Spotlight while endowing it with a new use. Using SpotLock, you can lock your jailbroken iPhone simply by navigating to the Spotlight search area. By default, iDevices can only be locked using the hardware button designed for that purpose (other than the auto-lock), so SpotLock provides users with a software alternative for locking your device’s screen. As a bonus, the whole feel of the swipe to lock feature is pretty neat as well.

SpotLock Cydia SpotLock

To get SpotLock, launch the Cydia store on your jailbroken iDevice and look for the tweak in the BigBoss repo. SpotLock can be downloaded for free, and once installed, disables the Spotlight search immediately. There are no new options added by the tweak to the stock Settings app, and any Springboard icon for SpotLock is missing as well. Just go to the first page of your Springboard once you have installed the tweak, and then swipe to the left of the screen. Your device will get locked automatically, and can be unlocked in the usual manner (using the unlock slider). The tweak also supports passcode lock, and if the security lock will not be bypassed when you unlock your iPhone locked via SpotLock.

If you are a fan of the Spotlight search area in your iPhone, SpotLock is certainly not for you. In addition to that, the tweak has the potential to prove to be a real nuisance if you don’t get used to it quick enough. We can really see a lot of people locking their devices inadvertently by casually swiping to the spotlight area. Otherwise, the tweak provides a nice way of customizing your iDevice, and really has the “Wow” factor. If your iPhone’s power button is faulty, then SpotLock should really prove to be a lifesaver for you. On top of all that, the tweak is available for free, and you can uninstall it if you don’t like it or decide that it’s too inconvenient for everyday use. The whole SpotLock package is just 20kB in size, and won’t clutter your device in any way at all.

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  1. We need a spotlock that’s compatible with mobius in ios 7. Spotlock doesn’t lock the phone when you swipe to the spotlight, it locks when you swipe left from your first page.

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