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SpotMail Lets You Start Composing Emails From iPhone Spotlight Search

It might not matter in most cases, but there are times when skipping even one small step in a task can make your iDevice feel much more efficient. Some of the tweaks available in the Cydia store let you create shortcuts for a number of tasks, but why clutter your iPhone’s SpringBoard when there is an area of iOS that is always a swipe away, and generally, is seldom used. We are talking about Spotlight search, of course. SpotMail is an unobtrusive Cydia tweak that allows you to start composing mails from the Spotlight search area without adding any extra buttons or disturbing the Spotlight area’s existing functions in any way. The tweak won’t let you write the whole mail within Spotlight search. You just have to enter an email, and a new draft will automatically be opened in the stock Mail app with the recipient’s address already entered.

SpotMail Cydia SpotMail Email Address

You won’t have to do anything to set things in motion after downloading the tweak. SpotMail does not come with a configuration menu. It simply springs into action right after the SpringBoard is restarted. After installation, simply swipe left to the Spotlight search area and enter (or paste) an email address. It would have been great if the tweak used the address book to auto-complete email addresses as they were entered. You’ll still get contact suggestions as you enter email addresses that are stored in your address book, but tapping these will simply launch the Contacts app, as it should. As soon as you hit the search button after entering the ID, the stock Mail app will be launched, with a new draft ready to be composed, with the required email address entered in the To field, and the cursor in the Subject field. In its current form, the tweak is more useful for instances where you have to mail someone whose address isn’t saved in your address book. For saved email addresses, utilizing the auto-complete feature of the Mail app’s To field would probably be faster.

There are a number of ways in which SpotMail could have been more useful than it currently is, but most, if not all, of those improvements would have cost the Spotlight search some functions. In its present state, the tweak does not disturb the search feature in any way, which is why it can’t hurt to give it a try. SpotMail is available for free in the ModMyi repository.

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