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SpotSiri: Use Spotlight Search To Invoke Siri & Ask Anything [Cydia]

Thanks to the Cydia store, there are many ways of customizing the Spotlight search area of iOS devices. SpotSiri is the latest in a long line of tweaks that are designed to let users do something new and different from the otherwise mostly-redundant Spotlight search. This tweak serves a dual purpose. With SpotSiri, you get an extra and easily accessible Siri launch button on your iDevice, and you will also be able to type your query in the Spotlight search text box to get Siri to answer it without having to speak at all, making it super helpful to use Apple’s virtual assistant in quiet environments. Sure you can state your query to Siri and then ask her to search the web, but SpotSiri comes up with a more direct way of doing things.

SpotSiri Cydia SpotSiri Spotlight

If you have Siri on your iPhone, you can download SpotSiri from the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store, and that, too, for free. Once you have done that, a new SpotSiri menu is added to the stock Settings app. The menu just has one button, and that is for toggling the SpotSiri option on or off, although you don’t necessarily have to go there, as the tweak is set to on by default. To check out the tweak’s functionality, go to the Spotlight area and hit the small microphone icon next to the text box. Doing so launches Siri, but it is better if you key in a statement in the Spotlight search area before hitting the Siri button, as this will make Siri start with the results for your query instead of the Search The Web option.

SpotSiri can come in handy if you want a quick way of interacting with the talking personal assistant on your iPhone, or just want to make sure that it understands your query in one go. The tweak is perfect as an accessibility option as well, because it provides a way of using Siri for people with speech impairments. So, do give the tweak a try, and remember that, in addition to the iPhone 4S, it is compatible with all devices that have Siri (via Spire or similar methods). SpotSiri can become better in quite a few ways, and it will be really useful if there was some way of dictating text into the Spotlight search as well, or maybe if it starts providing a spoken rendition of your input in the search box.

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