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SubIc0ns Adds A Gesture-Enabled Side Bar Of App Shortcuts To iPhone

There can be no denying the fact that Cydia tweaks that are loaded with features usually end up garnering a lot of attention and popularity, but an average user is rarely after all the extra baggage that comes with these feature-rich tweaks. Cydia packages that stay on our iPhones for long periods of time usually focus on providing just one or two features to users, and this is why SubIc0ns might have a chance of gaining popularity despite the presence of the seemingly better Deck tweak in the jailbreak store. Deck lets users place a bunch of system toggles and app shortcuts on the SpringBoard, but SubIc0ns focuses just on apps, and that too in a really uncomplicated manner. The tweak is really simple, and doesn’t come with too many configurable options, making it something a lot of users will feel comfortable with. SubIc0ns can be invoked using any Activator gesture of your choice, making sure that the shortcuts collection remains accessible even on the lock screen or within apps.

SubIc0ns iOS Settings SubIc0ns iOS Home SubIc0ns iOS Lock

Once the tweak has been installed, it can be configured via the menu it adds to the stock Settings app. The first toggle lets you enable or disable the tweak. The next step is to choose an Activator gesture that should invoke the SubIc0ns pane. You should choose a universal gesture if you wish to be able to use the tweak from the lock screen and within apps.

There are six slots in which app shortcuts can be placed. You don’t have to fill each slot, and choosing just the apps that you want should do. There are two fields available for each slot: one for the app itself, and the other to give it a label. In our experience, a label only works if you write the app’s actual name in the field, and any other word written there disappears automatically. We aren’t sure if this is a but or intentional, since letting you manually specify a shortcut’s label here would be pointless if you can’t choose anything other than the app’s name itself. Once all is set, perform the configured gesture, and you’ll be able to launch any of the added apps with one tap!.

SubIc0ns is not the first tweak that lets users place shortcuts on different parts of iOS, and neither is it the first to use Activator for this purpose, but the way it presents users with its options goes well with the overall look and feel of the device, and adds to the user experience. SubIc0ns is a free download available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. The tweak works only with iOS 6, and should be great for anyone who doesn’t find the four app shortcut slots available in the dock enough.


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