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Sun Is A Weather Web App for iOS With Detailed Forecast & Colorful UI

Many people favor minimalistic apps for simple tasks over those that seem to include everything but the kitchen sink, and no genre is coming up with more apps in this style than weather. Just a few days ago we covered the Sky app for iOS, and now there is a worthy competitor for it out for iPhone users. This new release matches Sky in its conciseness for the choice of name, and surpasses it in most areas of functionality. Sun is just an iOS-optimized web app, rather than a new entry in the App Store, but it is good enough to give any native app a run for its money in terms of smoothness and interface. There some striking similarities between Sky and Sun when it comes to the interface, but Sun offers a lot more than the former. For starters, Sun features a very thorough weather forecast in form of a graph. The app is highly customizable in terms of background colors and the choice of units, and its chameleon-like Home screen icon displays the current temperature as well!

Sun iOS Home Sun iOS Graph Sun iOS Menu

Apart from your current location, Sun is capable of displaying weather stats from three other cities. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, since you will have to pin the app to your Home screen before being able to do much with it. To do this, visit the Sun website (linked at the end) in Safari on your device, wait for the page to load completely and select the ‘Add to Home screen’ option from the page’s sharing menu.

Sun requires access to your current location in order to function properly, since it’s first screen always shows the weather of the city you are currently in. There are three random cities added in the available slots by default, but you can replace them with locations of your choice. To add a new city to Sun, tap the small icon in the top-right corner and type the names of the places you want to see in the app’s list. Other options in the same menu let you select units for temperature and wind speed. Unlike Sky, Sun allows you to choose the color scheme of your choice for the app. To change the color scheme, just swipe across the bars provided in the settings list and then select the one you like.

The main page of any city in Sun just shows a graphical representation of the current conditions along with the temperature. To view more details, double-tap the weather icon. The weather graph shows the temperature trend expected for the next 10 days, and tapping a day’s entry shows you hour-by-hour weather details for that day.

Sun is a great web app with the potential to beat any weather app available for iOS in the App Store. You won’t have to download anything, so there is no need to pay for using this amazingly gorgeous web app. Give it a try right away, and you’ll likely find yourself replacing your current weather app with it shortly.

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