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Swipe Down To View The iOS Status Bar In Full Screen Apps

I’ve seen a lot of users complain about the small screen size of their iDevices, and maybe that is why designing full screen apps is quite a popular practice among iOS developers, and not just for games, quite a majority of which are full screen on all major smartphone platforms. While full screen designs are favorable in most cases, there are times when you might want a convenient way of taking a quick peek at the status bar. That slim strip at the top of the screen does, after all, display the time and essential information regarding your device’s status. Though, most users would rather they didn’t have to exit the current app altogether just to take a look at it, then launch it again from the home screen or App Switcher. This is where StatusTab can help you. This new Cydia tweak brings the best of both worlds to jailbreak users by letting them  temporarily summon the status bar in full screen apps with a simple downwards swipe at the top edge of the screen.

StatusTab iOS Settings StatusTab iOS

One of the best things about StatusTab is that it replaces a useless feature with something that is sure to be a requirement for many people. You must have noticed that iOS requires its users to swipe downwards twice if they want to see the Notification Center while in a full screen app. The first swipe displays just the NC grabber, which stays on the screen for a couple of seconds. Dragging this grabber down then reveals the Notification Center. StatusTab simply replaces this grabber with the status bar. So, you get a handy new feature without losing anything noteworthy. Makes one wonder why this feature doesn’t come bundled with iOS.

The status bar stays visible for just a few seconds (almost the same duration as the grabber), which is enough to check the time, see if you are connected to the Wi-Fi, or if your phone needs recharging. Swiping down on i, and the Notification Center should roll down.

The tweak also lets you choose the tint of the status bar. Head to the Settings app and within the StatusTab menu, enter the ‘Style’ section. The available choices are ‘Default’ (let the tweak decide the tint), ‘Black Opaque’ and ‘Black Translucent’. The same menu also houses the option to toggle the tweak in case you start missing the Notification Center grabber for some inexplicable reason.

StatusTab is a free tweak, and you can download it from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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